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Help with daughters test results!!

My 3year old daughter was diagnosed as type 1 diabetic at the end of March and as part of the initial post-diagnosis checks, she was given a coeliac screening which came back a few weeks ago as "abnormal". The hospital said they wanted to retest in 3 months time (November). I had her at the GP last week as we're having trouble controlling her diabetes and she's back to drinks copious amount and running to the loo as she was before her diabetes diagnosis. She also looks exhausted all the time. I wanted to check there was no underlying infections. The GP said to redo the coeliac bloods now which we have done and finally got the results which were just out-with the normal range (I don't know what I'm talking about lol just repeating the doctor). Her first results were 10.9 and the 2nd 5.5. The diabetic team have said again to wait until the next clinic in November and if she's still ok then, they'll do a 6 month referral for more bloods. Can anyone give me any more information about what these results mean? The diabetes team seem to be staying very vague and November seems to be a very long way away right now. I don't even know what is considered a high reading and what could just be a fluke or maybe there's another reason her results were "abnormal". the info online doesn't seem to be very easy to decipher. :/

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I'm going to send you a PM in a few minutes. Please look for it.




Possibly more information on the diabetes site. Type 1 and coeliac are not an unusual combination. Hope you can get this sorted out soon.

If you use the search box on this page, you will find past discussions on this topic.


My experience is that GPs do not know a great deal about Type 1 diabetes and your daughter needs to be seen by the paediatric diabetes team as they will be able to help you with her diabetes. If she is drinking copious amounts this suggests her blood glucose is far too high. Type 1 and CD are often seen together and CD is more likely to cause low BGs because of malabsorption. She really needs to have her diabetes checked out now. I would call your paeds team and speak to the Diabetes nurse today. Are you carb counting? Has she been offered an insulin pump? These are now first line treatments for Type 1 in young children.

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Hiya, thanks for the replies. Yes I have been in constant contact with her diabetes team but as her highs are not continuously at the same time every day, I just keep getting told to keep and eye on it. Her readings since the weekend haven't been as high and are now back to being daily lows (which was a problem early on in her diagnosis). I was just trying to find out if there is anything else that could be the cause. There are some dietary changes I could make but I'm hesitant to change anything about what she eats until the coeliac testing has been completed. Her diabetes team have said they'll reassess in November and go from there but as a mum I'm just feeling completely helpless. We're carb counting and have been very strict in doing so since she started the high readings. I know coeliac is most likely to cause hypos more than anything but from what I have read it can also simply cause an inability to control the BG which is what seems to be the problem. Will keep monitoring her for the time being and see what happens. :)


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