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Can't understand ACTH results


My GP is unfortunately not working with me on my deteriorating health.

I am bedbound and use a wheelchair due to many issues but I have felt really ill lately and a GP friend suggested I have a morning cortisol test done which came back low at 137nmol/L

Although the lab said it was OK. It was a private test in the UK.

As a result of this, the same retired GP friend said to have a 9:00 am ACTH blood test done and the result was 17ng/L.

Range <50. GP friend says it should be higher than 47.

He said that because of my symptoms and this tesult, I have secondary Addison's.

Does anyone think that could be true? My own GP doesn't want to know.

Thank you.

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Hi Kazzy

Sorry to hear your doctor is being unhelpful. As you already have medical issues, can you get referred to a specialist to talk about your concerns?

I haven't come across the test you are asking about, but there are a few references to Addisons on the Thyroid site which might be helpful.

Hope you can get this sorted out soon.

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Thank you for your reply. X


This says your readings are normal . Dr Kendrick says the fasting cortisol test is a poor indicator though because, when we are chronically stressed, stress hormones are more likely to struggle to respond to stress rather than remain elevated.

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