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Living life now and happier

I have started using Probotics and seen a huge improvement. kefir yogurt at first but tasted awful so now taking a concentrated tablet every day. A huge huge improvement. I have been following a FODMAP regime for 2 and half years. I am ncgs gluten sensitive but have a high intolerance/allergy to onions. And all things fake, preservatives, fake sugers, glucose etc. This I have know for most of my life. I never handled it properly UntiI hit rock bottom and my brilliant Mum who is a Nutritionalist help me. She tried for a long time, but until you except there is an issue you aren't ready. I asked for help. My life has changed in every way. The battle is always there but so much easier.

I can now talk about it rather than hide. I sleep better. Can go out. Drive long distance, am happy, and in control.Read less

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It's great to hear such a positive message. I think there's scope for so much improvement with regimes such as this. I hope others are encouraged.


Could you please tell me the name of the probiotic thanks




Thank you


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