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Paleo Thoughts

Hey everyone! I have been wheat, soy, and dairy free for a few years now (thought I needed to be gluten free but then discovered I could eat any grain I wanted accept for wheat). I have tried a semi-paleo diet on and off. It has been recommended to me by several friends and I used it to lose some weight. Felt great on it accept for some indigestion. Wondering if anyone else has tried paleo and what your experience was?

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Hi balance16

I am wheat intolerant and have Rheumatoid Arthritis. My son has Coeliac Disease and my husbands gut doesn't like gluten ( his CD tests were negative). Someone on here suggested I try the autoimmune protocol which is a version of paleo for people with autoimmune conditions.

It's no grains, dairy, sugar, legumes, nuts, seeds,eggs for 30 days ( or when symptoms settle) then re-introduce in stages.)

I've found I sleep better, much better, and my GI symptoms have gone away I've lost weight ( which I needed to) and I don't have hypos anymore. Can't feel an improvement in the rheumatoid yet but prob havnt been doing it long enough.


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I'll take a look. Thanks so much!


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