GF Brown Sauce

I have just tried Chef brown sauce from Tesco. It was not in the Freefrom section but in the Irish foods so it is not a premium price. It is labelled as gluten free and tastes a lot like the good old HP! Haven't heard it mentioned here, sorry if it has. Just had a bacon white roll (white roll also from Tesco) with brown Sauce and brought back happy taste memories.

I have tried other sauces but this is the closest I have found to what I remember. Only went in for the 3 for 2 offers on Free From foods so it was a bonus find.

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  • Well I shall be giving that a go............


  • Thank you, sounds great.....

  • aww brill that havnt had any brown sauce since was diagnosed 2yrs ago and used to love it going to day tesco got a offer on with genuis buy 2 get 1 free on there items too x

  • I've just checked the sauce and it contains malt vinegar. The products in Ireland must be different from the UK.

  • It is on the Coeliac Society of Ireland approved food list as safe for Coeliacs, don't think their rules are any different to UK?

  • Thanks I`ll definitely try this sauce. I use "STOKES real BROWN SAUCE" made in Suffolk. Says it`s GF free on the label and this sauce also uses malt vinegar.

    It`s not the same as HP, more fruity, but I really like it.

  • I have a book by Alex Gazzola and he says that malt vinegar is made from barley malt, which is fermented twice. First to produce a kind of ale and then to convert it to vinegar. It only contains trace quantities of gluten and is safe for all but the most sensitive coeliacs. He also says that malt whisky is safe. Hope this helps.

  • Thanks for that. All contributions gratefully received!!!!!!!!!

  • This really does highlight the confusion over what exactly qualifies as 'gluten free' and the difference between ceoliac disease and gluten intolerance or gluten sensivity.

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