Gluten Intolerant?

In August, I will be gluten free (headache free, fog free, vomit free) for two years!

The other day I thought I glutened myself when I ate half an Amy's ORGANIC Wheat Pizza. Love Amy's but you have to read there labels...not everything is gluten free.

Well...I panicked and (nobody likes 72 hours of misery) swallowed activated charcoal.

I've been wanting to try it to see and this "oh #%*!" Provided me with the perfect opertunity. I suffered no ill effects!!!! Now I'm let wondering if it was the ACTIVATED CHARCOAL or the ORGANIC WHEAT. What if my reactions weren't from gluten all this time and instead from something else in wheat????


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  • Possibly got away with it once . Just don,t do it again I am hoping to be free from bloating ,pain and depression . When I kick the gluren.

  • You have not given up gluten? Because the words "got away with it" don't apply.

  • Well... I ran my "test" yesterday. I went and bought organic wheat and made a pound cake. I ate the batter and had a slice.

    No headache, no bloat, no nausea!

  • Just a thought. You are not gluten intolerant. Wheat has gluten whether it is organic or not.

  • No shit Sherlock...

  • It helps if you aren't coeliac.


  • are yoou truly GF or think you are. Why mess around with ORGANIC . Wheat is wheat.

  • Yes, I ammmmmm truly wheat free! The point that I was posting... That you alllllll seemed to have MISSED! Is the FACT that wheat is NOT making me SICK. How many others are thinking that wheat is making them sick but perhaps it's NOT the wheat but the chemicals and pesticides!

  • could be yeast?

  • Perhaps we should be asking MORE questions...

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