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Tapioca allergy

I hv allergy to anything related to tapioca be it in flour or raw tapioca. I will have rashes on my body usually on my abdomen n tigh parts of my leg. Depending in how much I ate. After discovering it myself 4 yrs ago the chances of getting it had reduce, sometimes if not careful will get it again. Not only that I'm also allergic to coffee and beef From daniel ong 1st time posting will discuss more about allergy next time there are many more to share in this topic which is misunderstood by many Cheers to our health

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Hi Daniel, all grains have a prolamin which's it's protein with wheat it is gluten and this can be the part of the plant that causes a reaction and there is believed to be a link with tapioca and latex allergy. Coffee is also know to be 'cross reactive' so that it can cause a similar reaction as our bodies can treat it the same as the actual allergen.

Another thing is that all plants have is a self defence mechanism to protect them from wild life and this acts like an anti nutrient so there are foods that are on one level healthy but the anti nutrient part of them stops us from absorbing the actual nutrients in the plant, oats are a very good example of this as they are on one level very healthy but they contain an anti nutrient that prevents absorption of the nutrients. Brown rice is another example. Tapioca root is poisonous so should not be eaten raw, there is a lot on the internet about anti nutrients. This is why many people benefit from a paleo diet and avoid all grains.

Many coeliac have issues with soy and corn and this could be that they have been GM'd extensively so they have jumped evolutionary steps and many people especially in the US believe there are new illnesses associated with GM crops. Personally I think that food processing is more about selling food than providing nutrition.

There are various allergy tests available and an elimination diet whilst keeping a food diary can also be very beneficial, the important thing to bear in mind with an elimination diet is the need for a balanced diet with all the nutrients that we need and you might find that quinoa is a good food for you, just make sure that it is washed thoroughly to remove saponins which coat quinoa to protect it from wild life. Quinoa is a complete food in that it contains all the 23 vital amino acids that our bodies need.

My attitude is if something disagree's with us then avoid it. Here's a link to a previous post on this: Northern soul being a medical student so a very informative reply from her and an interesting reply from katsclaws:

And I hope that your rash goes soon,


Ps, Tapioca root is poisonous so should not be eaten raw so I'm a bit concerned about that statement of yours.


Even Quinoa is too high in phytic acid to be beneficial to some people (me), especially those avoiding kidney stones (as is rhubarb, spinach and buckwheat).


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