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Liz Tucker on breakfast TV this morning

Hi folks, I was taken aback this morning As Liz was on breakfast TV talking about the meteoric rise of sales in free from foods and apparently the sales of one brand of gluten free bread had doubled in the last year.

Liz said some very interesting things about how CD is only the tip of the iceberg and that she had found that many undiagnosed coeliac were obese so were'nt even considered for testing for CD.

Here's her profile as she is a coeliac and nutritionalist and well worth checking out:

I think it's great when free from foods are on national tv and it beats going out panic buying...

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Oh wish i had seen it, if anyone sees it on youtube can they please post. thanks for the link to her website Jerry


Hi which channel was it on please and I will see if I can get it on catch up TV.


It was on BBC Breakfast TV. Saturday 20th.

I had no idea who Liz Tucker was but I thought she did a good job.


Yes I saw it. I didn't know who Liz Tucker was, but she made some very interesting points. I was particularly struck by the fact that there was such a big increase in sales of GF foods and that maybe more people are becoming aware of the problems of having gluten in their diets. Maybe the health care professionals will begin to wake up to the diverse problems caused by wheat and gluten now?


not having much success in getting it on catch up. anyone else been lucky?


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