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Hello, I'm new

Hey! I'm new here..

I'm 21 and all my life I've had bloating issues. It's after eating pretty much anything, I'll bloat. And the end of the day I pretty much look like a pregnant woman.

My stomach is usually pretty flat once I wake up in the morning.

I have always worked out a lot and have been pretty fit, and my ab muscles are very hard.

Anybody know what this could be? Wondering if I have a gluten sensitivity, which would explain the bloating after every meal...


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Hi Frodge,

Welcome to the GFG's.

I think you are smart to question why you have such bloating going on so often.

About the gluten: if you are concerned that you have a gluten sensitivity, then you should book to see your GP to get a coeliac blood test done before doing anything else. Don't make any changes to your diet because the test requires you to be eating gluten foods daily. The blood test simple to have done.

However it's very possible to have a sensitivity to gluten without being a Coeliac. Or it could easily be something else entirely that's causing your bloating - such as a sensitivity to dairy, soya, nightshades or fructose etc. An elimination diet might help you to get answers.

Do please consider seeking proper advice about how to do this and still get all the vitamins and nutrients that you need to maintain your health.

I'm sorry to tell you this - but I don't think that the fact that you have good abs and are fit has any relation to what's going on in your guts and the bloating. I used to work a hard 10 hour shift, go do a karate session after work and need to cycle for 8 miles to get to both places and back home again. I was your age at the time and an undiagnosed Coeliac.

Good luck figuring things out.


As Frodge says, your general fitness does not effect your gut and stomach function, well only that one can get constipated from lack of movement.

Bloating can be from food sensitivity and if you come off of any food in say, an elimination diet, then you must remove every iota of it from your food. Bloating can also be caused by not having enough stomach acid to deal with your food intake or the mix of foods. I for instance, cannot eat fruit after a meal without having this problem. It can also be a messed up bacterial imbalance in your gut. In this case the GP is the last person to help and you need to research nutrition or get advice from a nutritionist. I'm sure there are other reasons. Good luck in finding out.


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