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Hormones and Cramps: are they related?

I have had a long history of what I call "Accute Bowel Pain". I first remember bowel pains when I was 6yrs old and going to school. I remember getting really bad cramps at school before tests etc although not very often. The "attacks" came far apart and was usually linked to stress. Lately, I get them every month on day 1 and 2 of my period. I also had severed gluten intolerance during my last pregnancy, which gave me almost chronic pain attacks when I just looked at gluten. The pain feels like gas in my intestines. It comes and goes as the gas moves through my bowels (especially lower bowels).

I am recovering from almost 48hrs of severe cramps today but today I feel like a light fever is setting in and I am so tired. (My kids had their combined birthday party on Saturday that means I probably stressed more than usual and I had gluten and my period started) I took Buscopan, Eno's and ginger tea to try and ease the pain. I think the Eno's helped the most.

Can it be that hormones upset my biochemistry or stomach acid? Or that my bowels are in an inflammatory state during this time? I will keep a record, but I did not have these cramps in this year when it was not my period. I remember what uterus cramps feel like - this is not the same. It is in my intestines and is so acute, it feels like someone is stabbing me with a knife in my gut.

Does anybody else have more GIT upset during their menstruation? What can I use to ease the pain when it gets so intense.



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Hi Anne

Apparently it's normal for this sort of thing to happen during menstruation. Strangely I read about it only the other day and it's a regular occurrence that not many women speak about. I had it for years, but always associated it with my diet, but it's due to hormone changes releasing a chemical (and I can't remember which one!!!!).

Hope this helps :)



Hi Sallydogsmum

thank you for this. I wish I knew which hormones, because if I can find the cause I find a cure. I appreciate your reply.



I found the article I read it in. It's the prostaglandins that cause the muscles in your uterus to contract which can affect the colon too. Taking ibuprofen can help (it says) as they're an effective prostaglandin inhibitor.



Hi Anne

Sounds like you need to avoid gluten.

My periods used to be extremely painful, I found that yoga helped to control the pain.

Eventually I was diagnosed with endometriosis, perhaps you may need to check this out with your doctor.


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