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test results follow up to low blood pressure question

Just thought I would report that I have had an ECG, potassium levels checked, full blood count and vitamin B12 done. Everything is absolutely normal thankfully. So I am clearly eating the right food. The doctor thinks that although my blood pressure (98/41 or 70/50) is low there are no other indications there is nothing wrong and this measurement is okay for me. Possibly low because I do exercise daily. I don't faint or anything and actually I do feel pretty good. Thank you everyone who gave me advice. I am so glad I don't have adrenal insufficiency as that was a scarey thought for me.

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Good to hear the tests results were ok. Don't overdo things!


Hi Urbangirl, I'm very pleased for you and agree with Penel so don't overdo things and keep and eye on it.

I gave blood last week and the chap who was setting it all was chatting about his fight against being over weight and i said that I exercised regularly and had, had a 20 mile bike ride that morning as i had to take it easy in the afternoon and he called the nurse over. And she said that they do not recommend exercise before or after giving blood as it all affected our blood pressure and i replied that had I not had a few things to do first i'd have had a 35 mile ride and she just smiled and said don't faint on me!

If you want to raise your blood pressure get your hubby to sneak up behind you and shout boo! LOL


Thanks Jerry and Penel. I am so glad I had the tests. The doctor advised me to take my blood pressure less often. I thought exercise did raise the blood pressure and it takes a while to adjust back to your normal rate and this is the key thing about fitness - the time it takes to re-adjust. I could be wrong. But I can see their point! I have been advised not to exercise before giving a fasting blood test as apparently this can affect it too.

Funnily enough every time I got a low BP reading it went up! Scared me! Did a good swim this morning!

Have a good day!


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