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gluten and periods

Hi ladies i just wanted to know if any of you out there suffer from late or missed periods as a result of being glutened, i accidentally had gluten from mayo during the month and my period was 6 days late and its not the first time for me which is annoying as my partner and i are trying for a baby and i,m 46 now. Also how often are you suppose to see a dietician as i,ve been diagonised for nearly 2 years and seen one once and my gp is useless seeing a different gp in the surgery in future.Just one more thing does anybody suffer from what i call jelly legs(on occassions on standing my legs are all wabbly .Sorry about the spelling

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So far as gluten is concerned I have learnt that anything is possible. However, changes in your cycle can also be a sign of peri menopause which can start in a woman's 30s or 40s. It is possible for the perimenopause to last years and for women to get pregnant during this time, but if you are trying to conceive at your age (sorry!) it might be worth speaking to your gp so he can order some blood tests to check hormone levels and fertility and put your mind at ease!


thanx for the reply my cycle is only affected after being glutened, but will make sure i get every blood test done


As Henbur says gluten can affect so many things. Fertility is very closely linked to thyroid levels - and I am wondering if you have been tested. Also for the auto-immune thyroid illness - Hashimotos - when the anti-bodies attack thyroid tissue.

The test you will need are TSH - FT4 - FT3 - Anti-TPO - Anti-Tg. There is a strong connection with being gluten sensitive/coeliac and thyroid. You could always slip across to Thyroid UK on HU and look around in the Search Box. More often than not the GP will test the TSH - which is NOT a thyroid hormone - and if it is in range will say you are normal :-( You need to know what the thyroid is producing - how much T4 and then to see if it is converting from a storage hormone into the ACTIVE T3. T3 is needed in every cell of your body as is VitD.

Whilst having your thyroid tested ask for the Famous Five - B12 - Iron - Folate - Ferritin Vitd. Even if you have a healthy thyroid you will need those vits and minerals to be optimal for a good conversion of T4 into T3. Coeliacs do have absorption issues so you could be low.

I have Hashimotos and B12 deficiency due to removal of terminal ileum - there are so many pieces to the jigsaw and it is worth eliminating things and ticking boxes. It is your right to have copies of your blood test results and your medical records - so do ask on your next visit. Post your thyroid results on Thyroid UK and many people will be able to guide you.

Also many symptoms of B12 deficiency overlap the thyroid - and from observing the many people on Thyroid UK I can see that most Hypos are also B12 deficient ....

Wishing you well....

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thanx for your reply i have had no blood test done at all only the dexa scan hope i remember name of that right i,m seeing a different gp this week so hopeful get somewhere now.


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