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buckwheat pancakes

am in Brittany and decided to attempt one of the creperies that are everywhere. i am gluten sensitive and reckoned that as most of their pancakes are made with buckwheat would be ok. however decided to go for moules marienies and frites - on the basis that they didnt have other thing fried in the oil as we would. Spoke to one of the boys who had fair english and said there was no gluten in any of their pancakes.

however the frites definitely seemed to be coated in something ? not sure what and the sweet pancake was lighter than one would expect for buckwheat. Anyway as my symptoms are a increase in pain i decided to risk it and manage the pain today.

And today i dont appear to have suffered any ill effects!!!!!! Is french flour made diferently to ours and has anyone else experienced this

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Hi Ailsamary

I love buckwheat pancakes and always bring back flour from France if we holiday there. I have found it difficult and expensive to buy buckwheat in the UK. Doves flour can no longer guarantee a gluten free buckwheat.

Buckwheat flour can vary in texture and colour, if the outer 'coating' or hull is left on during milling the flour will be darker. I've tried two different makes of French buckwheat flour and they had a different texture, colour and taste. I researched the products on line and as far as I could see they were produced in dedicated mills. The idea of trying to discuss the possibility of cross contamination was a step too far for my French.

Glad to hear you had no ill effects from your experience.


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