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anti inflamamtories and Coeliac


GP Prescribed COLECOXIB for knee pain =nsi

i have been taking them for about 10 days ...however had stomach pain, bloating and felt generally tired and disinterested in all things. Think mainly because the pain I have been in.

Decided not to take one today and at approx 5.00pm the pain has know subsided ....

Any thoughts on this PLEASE

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Hi CorsaUMM

In my limited knowledge of anti-inflammatory medication, these types of medicines can cause gastric irritation, particularly if there is existing irritation or damage to your GI tract. Sometimes GPs can prescribe a gastric protector also for anti-inflammatories that will limit the irritation. Prolonged use of anti-inflammatories (including ibuprofen) can cause gastric bleeds in susceptible people (older people or those with existing ulcers, etc.).

In Googling this medicine is contains lactose, so if you are lactose intolerant that could be an issue. There doesn't seem to be any obvious gluten in any of the ingredients, but I could be wrong.

The best advice really is to go back to your GP to re-assess this particular medication and its suitability if it's causing you pain.

Importantly if it's causing gastric pain/mood alteration but not particularly tackling your joint pain then you may need to look at other options.

I personally was diagnosed with hip osteoarthritis a few years ago and found taking nightshades out of my diet and strengthening up the muscles (glutes, quadraceps) eliminated the pain. It took some time of adjusting diet/working the muscles but got good results.

More recently one of my knees and my thumb joints going and was recommended n-acetyl glutamine (which is also good for GI tract damage). I've also had to take quite a few other inflammation inducing foods out of my diet. Still a work in progress but definite link between food reaction and pain. GP recommended strengthening up my quadraceps for knee pain and that has worked out really well. Same muscles also good for hip issues. Cycling is great. The pain is offputting to begin with, but stick with it and the results will come. If you are member of gym start on low level, and then work up a notch for every session and it will strengthen up the muscles. Some low weight training also good for knee.

My main issues have come from being 'mis-aligned' with wonky spin alignment, so worth getting a physio assessment to see how 'lined up' you are. Core strenght building good for straigthening up your body. Also consider your foot pronation/insoles for over-pronation.

Other non-prescription anti-inflammatory which I found really good was S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine (SAMe) which you can buy online. Research shows it's as good if not better than prescription anti-inflammatories without the side effects. It's also a good mood booster. I used this when my pain was at it's worst (chronic all day pain) and swear by it. Do some research on this and also check it out with your GP for safety ( ). It's a wee bit pricey but if you take it for a few months, and then take a break of a month, it keeps cost down. Start of a half dose or less for a few days to get used to it.

From most of the research I've done diet and inflammation from dietary issues is a big contributing factor for osteoarthritis. If you already have coeliac that will probably be a reasonable contributing factor. I appreciate managing chronic pain is cack, but I've also found GP advice to be quite poor, apart from physio referral for hip issue. They don't make the link between diet and joint damage/pain. I personally would be wary of relying on prescription anti-inflammatories for pain. They are ok in short spell doses, but longterm use shows that they lose their effectiveness and can actually lead to further joint damage.

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Sorry, final point - also really good, and cheaper than SAME - Curcumin. This is the active ingredient from tumeric. It's really good for inflammation. Find one that includes black pepper/black pepper extract as that helps your body absorb the curcumin. Available online or good brand from H&B.

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Thank you for taking the time and trouble to reply to me in great detail. I have exercises to do fro having physio . I agree with natural remedies as much as possible. Will give turmeric a go . GP s are all based on science unfortunately . I have stopped taking them and feel a bit better this evening . Thanks once again

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Hope you get it sorted.

You should be prescribed omeprazole along with anti inflammatory

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I am taking Rabeprazole a drug in the same genre as omaprazel

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