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Gluten intolerance person,

I have been diagnosed for years with IBS, asthma, sinus problems, small intestinal gas, joint pain (unexplained), depression/anxiety, skin rashes (dermatitis/eczema). A few years ago I was told to quit using aspartame and margarine. I did so and substituted natural sugars like agave, molasses and honey instead. I have had allergy skin tests done that do not prove gluten intolerance and also IgA tests which prove gluten intolerance possibility. I have eliminated gluten from my diet and notice most of these symptoms go away except when I eat anything with gluten. I am from French, German, Austrian, Jewish and Native American ancestry. I also am a part of an American group of people called Melungeons who get diseases that appear to be Behcets and Mediterranean Familial Fever but have been most likely misdiagnosed because these people are poor coal miners. Those of us who have not used sugar, alcohol and eaten a great deal of bread/wheat are healthy while those who have get diabetes type II and cancer or heart disease. Those of us who have been through physical and emotional trauma seem to have it worse.

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Hi Guyla and thanks for introducing yourself, all very interesting.

I smiled at your last sentence about those who have avoided sugar alcohol and bread are healthy and the others have a myriad of conditions, this appears to be true with the world population as obesity coupled with diabetes through out society is verging on epidemic levels, with all of it's knock on effects.

In my opinion one of the advantages of being gluten intolerant or coeliac is it gives us the opportunity to eat a healthy diet based on fresh fruit and vegetables as we have to avoid so many junk foods.

Lastly if you have any questions or queries about being a 'gluten intolerant person' then you ask away as you're in good company on here and very welcome as the rest of us are also gluten free for one reason or another.



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