Still Bloated!!!

Im 27 and was diagnosed with Coeliac disease in October last year. I have stuck to the gluten free diet and the stomach pain and wind has gone but my stomach still feels bloated. I eat clean healthy foods and exercise so I dont know why it still sticks out. Have other people had this problem and will it go or is it just something I will have from being undiagnosed for many years. Ive also given up dairy as I was told I had an intolerance to cows milk. Thanks for any information given.

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  • Try leaving out anything from a gluten source and see how it goes, then reintroduce gf foods. This will give your level of sensitivity and if you might need to be free from gluten totally

  • I am starting to lose my swollen stomach, but it is taking time, I think part of my problem is having done a lot of siting at desks for years so just poor posture. I wasn't diagnosed until four years ago and am 70 this year, so you can imagine the fun I've had over the years.

    This year I am hayfever free, first time in my life I have not been allergic to all things Spring related. What a wonderful feeing. before being diagnosed my allergy blood test was so high; blood test last week, it was way down,

    Don't worry about the swollen stomach too much, it just might be that you will notice, like I have a gradual loss in the swelling.

  • Hi. Since going gluten free I also found that other allergies emerged. I also had to give up lactose and have found that I am allergic to lots of other things. Try giving up soya as a first line and also beware of barley and oats. But soya is a major one for me so try that first. Best of luck!!!

  • Hi Lucy27, I think that you have to give it time as your villi takes time to get back to normal. So I reckon that as long as you stick with the diet then in the fulness of time the bloating will go. Otherwise you will have to take a closer look at your diet and remove foods and keep a food diary but as long as you are avoiding all gluten then give your body time and get your self well nourished.

    It is also interesting that you say about lactose, this comes up time and time again and lactose intolerance is often only temporary in newly diagnosed coeliac. This is because the enzyme lactate that breaks down lactose is produced at the tips of our villi so if the villi is damaged or still recovering from going gf then our bodies will not produce lactate and be able to digest lactose/dairy properly.

    I'd also make sure that you have no contamination issues in your environment so that you are not accidentally ingesting gluten. I'd also discuss any worries that you have with your gut specialist as you should be due a check up soon so ensure that your villi has recovered.

    And good luck with this.

  • Same as Allie65 but found lactose to be the main source of bloating. I just avoid ALL processed foods.

    Farm shop for me!

  • Are you taking daily probiotics? If not try them and see if it makes any difference, I have also taken aloe vera with success. (you can buy AV at health food stores, you don't need the famous name variety!)

  • i could have written this i have the same problem

  • i am on a gluten free diet and i use soya butter and milk, i get none of the pain but still the swelling, being on bebfit its hard to but the right foods to eat


  • Hi Lucy,

    I don't have Coeliac but Candida,and I have been struggling with bloated stomach for a decade! I've tried gluten free foods without much of a result. However in February this year I started SCD (Specific Carbohydrates Diet) and my bloated belly is gone. As it says on the official website "It is a diet intended mainly for Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, celiac disease, diverticulitis, cystic fibrosis and chronic diarrhea" but it is working for Candida too. You can get a book from Amazon and find interesting info on their website: It's not easy to follow to start with, but for me it was a godsend.

    Good luck!

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