I've got a stress fracture in my foot and I'm worried that this is because of low bone density associated with CD

I know I've got osteopenia in my lower back and hips so I'm on adcal. I was shocked at the stress fracture as I have no pain in that area, just stiffness. Even though I've got osteopenia in my back and hips they were fine during a recent fall from my bike on the ice. I'm worried that this is the start of a multitude of fractures.

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  • Hi physiogirl, osteopenia is thinning of the bones but the structure is still good so the worry is osteoporosis which's brittle bones that can suffer stress fractures. So as you've been diagnosed with osteopenia I'd have a chat with your GP and ask for another dexa scan. I would have thought that as you did not break anything falling off your bike was a good sign.

    I was diagnosed with osteopenia many years ago and have come off bikes a few times and it is how we land and what we land on when we hit the ground. My worst crash was when I was setting up a 1940's path racer that I had rebuilt over winter in my garage and the back over took the front and I had left my helmet at home as I kept banging it when fine tuning it and I ended up in an ambulance and had to have 9 stitches in my forehead but no broken bones.

    So the moral is always wear a helmet and in your case don't ride a bike on ice LOL.

  • Oh, I was wearing a helmet...still ended up with concussion though! As for the ice, I'd been riding for 2 hours and it was the last turn before home...no signs it was icy at all!! Turned out 3 other people I know came off that moring.

  • I know how the roads can change depending on how sheltered they are so take no notice of my silly sense of humour.

    I don't take anything for osteopenia as mine is border line and has been for 12 years, what I do is eat foods that are high in calcium and was surprised to find that sesame seeds are, so add them to home made bread.

    What you have to bear in mind with calcium carbonate is that only small amounts are absorbed by our bodies and our kidneys have to work harder to remove the excess so the more that is taken through food the better.

    Another thing to be aware of is caffeine drinks like coffee deplete calcium from our bodies so it is worth restricting the amount of caffeine that we consume especially if we have osteopenia or osteoporosis.

  • I don't drink tea or coffee anymore (stopped 7yrs ago) but I did drink pepsi max instead! I broke the habit before xmas and I'm soo glad. Thanks for the tip on the sesame seeds. By coincidence I bought some the other day!

  • I have Osteopenia which was diagnosed when I was 45 (now 62). I have never been given any treatment maybe because I was on HRT at the time after a total hysterectomy. I am off the HRT now but doctor has never mentioned any treatment which does worry me. However my bone scans have said that there has not been any further loss and now are just below normal for my age. Do you have regular scans?. I have one every two years now as opposed to the three years whilst I was on HRT

  • I have 2yrly scans so it's all in check. If you have osteopenia you should really be on something like adcal to maintain your Ca and vit D levels. Saying that....you're doing great without it!!! I'm on it and mines got worse and I'm only 36! I hope I have a similar story when I'm 62.

  • I agree with Jerry about getting as much of your vits as possible from real food , along with natural fats to aid absorption of vit D. Also try some load bearing exercises (carefully) once you are recovered, to strengthen your bones.

  • Thanks Penel....I've just restarted strength training so thanks for the confidence!

  • Hi,

    Smoking affects bone density. You really should consider cutting down on those five cigarettes a day (GFG's get access to the other forums!) because it would reduce your risk of osteoporosis in later life.

    A high intake of alcohol is another risk factor; as is possibly having female athlete triad syndrome (I hope this isn't you though!).

  • I only have a glass of wine a couple of times of week. I know about the smoking. Just want that switch to click so I finally quit. Female athlete triad is something I'd looked at I have osteopenia and low body mass but I don't undereat so I figured that's not me. I kind of think I have celiac related FAT as celiac itself does affect my relationship with food as it's had to change.

  • Just out of interest, what do you mean by coeliac related FAT?

  • The 3 characteristics of FAT (female athlete triad) are decreased bone density, ammenorhea and inadequate nutrition/disordered eating. I have all three although the main reason is having CD. Does that make sense?

  • Hi physiogirl,

    Yes that makes sense! I'd kinda missed the fact that FAT was an acronym....duh! I thought you meant fat as in weight :o.

    I'm wondering if the medical fraternity have also considered the possibility of you having FAT - if so, it may explain why you have been referred to a psychiatrist. As an athlete you should be eating many more calories than someone like myself; who needs no more than around 1800 to 1900 cals each day to maintain my existing weight.

    Disordered eating tends to come from thought patterns that have not been reviewed or challenged for many years. The reasons why people overeat, undereat and eat wrongly are very often psychologically complex. We think nothing about spring cleaning our kitchen cupboards, but rarely do we think to question our own thought patterns to see if they are past their useful (or use by) date. Why do we do that?...

    How is this relevant? You're working at trying to put on weight; I'm working on not overeating - I need to get my BMI back down into the normal range. It's crept up since diagnosis. Both require the right thought patterns.

    Will we both succeed? I guess time will tell...

    Good luck!

  • I think you're right; I'm sure they do, it would be an easy assumption to make. Interestingly following a meeting yesterday with a different psychiatrist I've asked for a referral to an eating disorders clinic as they have the services I need. I'll have access to the nutrition to help with CD changes and weight gain prescription meds and access to psychology to work through some past issues all in one place. It was a bit weird to start off with but it makes sense. 2 separate things that I want to work on at the same time! Now it's just finding out if they can adapt their service to me!!!!

    I find it strange how weight management is so different for the two; ie. if you'[re over-weight there are lots of services outside the NHS but if you're under-weight then that tends to classify you as having an eating disorder.

  • I was diagnosed with osteopenia 2 - 3 years ago and started on Calcium and Vit D supplement. I am also a keen cyclist and have had a couple of nasty falls (usually due to blooming pot holes) but no fractures thankfully (*touches wood)

  • Hi wee, thanks for sharing, that helps.

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