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What's the quickest way you've found to put on weight?

I have a stress fracture in my foot. Currently, the consultant tells me that it's not healing as quickly as he would like due to my low bone density which I've recently found out to be due to celiac disease. I'm underweight and now trying to correct that. I'm also a triathlete so I'm trying to boost my calories whilst still keeping up some exercise. I've seen a dietician and got some high calorie drinks and tips on higher calorie foods but I wondered if anyone else could help with any tips they've found have worked as I'm desparate not to stop my one release of exercise.

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Hi Physiogirl

Gluten will have damaged your gut lining and until this has had time to repair it will probably be difficult to put on weight. Hopefully your dietician has given you some ideas on this? Probiotics are usually recommended (have a look at the post on supplements).

I would tend to avoid high calorie drinks if they have sugar in them. Upping your protein intake and eating full fat might be a good idea.

Good luck Physiogirl, you may just need to give your body some time.


Hi Physiogirl, I agree with the above comment about increasing your intake of protein and you also want to have plenty of vitamins and minerals and here's a very informative guide:

I think the bit about NSAID pain killers slowing down healing is very interesting (these are pain killers like Ibuprofen)

I also agree about avoiding high calorie drinks as there are calories and calories so you want to eat as nutritious a diet as possible rather than trying to put on weight with sugary drinks chocolate bars and high cholesterol junk food. I feel sorry for people who queue in their cars for takeaway burgers and the high cholesterol heart attack specials, as they are usually over fed and under nourished! So eat your self healthy that's my opinion.

And I hope that your fracture mends soon.


Thanks Penel and Gerry. What's great is that you've confirmed everything that I've started doing which boosts my confidence. Smoothie's have become a new best friend as has a gluten free, dairy free protein powder, nuts, seeds, dried fruit an hemp powder (although I'm struggling with what to do with it!!). Also trying to find a receipe that makes me like avocados!! I guess patience is the name of the game now ;)


I trained myself to eat avocados which I used not to like finding them bland and a horrible texture. Firstly, waiting until they were soft but not going black. Initially, I mashed them with balsamic vinegar (would need to check that no gluten has been added) then diced them with balsamic to get used to the texture. Gradually, I lessened the intensity of flavour with them. I now eat them alone but prefer chopped up with something else.

They are great with chilli non carne. Good luck



I would also suggest trying avocados because they are nutrient dense and full of things like folic acid, vitamin E and B vitamins. I love 'em but appreciate they are not everybody's number one in terms of flavour and texture.

At the risk of stating the obvious, ensuring that you are strictly gluten free is essential if you want to improve your long term health. Falling off the gluten-free wagon is a very bad idea!


There are loads of paleo cake recipes that use avocado as the egg they are full of nuts and dried fruits too so plenty of cals. Vegans also eat a lot of high cal proteins so might get some ideas that way.


Thanks everyone; it was only last week that I've found what describes me as a foodie now...I'm a vefi (vegan and fish)! These foods seem to suit me best and now it's the learning process of how to cook these foods and feed myself properly and not be too scared to try new things. tip I can give is that cashew nut butter is so easy to make yourself and yummy!!! I now have to keep the motivation to keep learning how to become a healthy vefi.


I have to say I positively hate the term vefi. I sincerely hope it doesn't catch on.

If you want to be dairy free, fine. If you want to eat fish then that's also fine.

However no true vegan on the planet would be caught dead eating fish. It's so against their ethos and culture.

If you are going to continue to eat fish then please do not use the word vegan or vefi to describe your diet.

I personally find it very offensive and disrespectful on behalf of my vegan friends.

Sorry if you find this opinion harsh but it's something I feel strongly about. I'm a dairy and soya intolerant vegetarian coeliac - and no I don't eat fish.


I appreciate your views. It is important to remember that people take on board being vegan for different reasons and just one of those is for ethical reasons. I will continue to use the term as my principle reason is for health and the secondary is ethical. I have considered eliminating fish and it will be my choice; the health benefits to me out weight the ethical reasons currently. I do not mean to cause offense to anyone who is vegan for ethical reasons; it is simply a way to describe the type of food I eat in a simple way.


I was going to say whey protein or soya protein isolate - think like a bodybuilder.


Hi physiogirl,

Thanks for your interesting response but I am afraid I will have to continue to disagree with your reasoning.

I also appreciate your views - as far as I am concerned you can eat and believe what you like. That said, I feel the upholding and use of correct terminology is most important when in public.

For example, when asking for gluten-free food you would be most put out to be offered something with gluten in it.

It's the same with the term vegan - it's very important that it is used correctly so that everybody understands what it means.

According to the Uk Vegan Society, the term vegan is protected under the Equality Act 2010. The following is also an extract from their website "Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose."

The Vegan Society and the vegan diet was very much founded because of ethics.

However, as far as I am concerned; it's ok to be a dietary vegan rather than an ethical vegan if you wish. To avoid confusion in the wider population, this is currently understood to mean that you are someone who eats no meat, fish, dairy products, eggs or honey. If you this is you, then I have no problem with you using the term vegan.

If it isn't, then maybe there is another way of more appropriately describing your dietary needs.

Even as a vegetarian I get sick of people thinking that I eat fish because someone else has educated that person into thinking that is so. Grrr! People who exclude meat from their diet and still eat fish are actually piscatarians, not vegetarians. I can't (and don't) claim to be a vegan because I like to eat eggs and honey.

Ultimately, it may be that we have to agree to differ on the subject. Whatever our differences though, I wish you every happiness and sincerely hope that you have a speedy recovery back to full health.

I hope you'll let us all know how you're getting on in the future.




Thanks for advising me; that's why I wouldn't call myself vegan though and why I came up with the name vefi. I wish you all the best too!! xx


Eat as healthy a diet as you can( , Sports medicine is also taking a new approach to diet, have a look at Tim Noakes Page, he is an eminent sports doctor in SA) and as your gut heals you will increase weight, and maybe sorry !!!!, , My osteoporosis improved after being on gluten free diet and now I only need extra calcium and am not even labelled osteopenic


wow that's fantastic news for you! I've heard of Tim Noakes and follow him on twitter but I'll check out his website too; thanks!



Have you discovered "deliciously Ella"? She has a website and an app. She is a vegan and her recipes look scrummy. She ate herself better from a rare disorder.

Get well soon love KiKi x


wow...some great recepies there! Thanks for the fab suggestion :)


Hi all, I'm delighted to say that I've been prescribed a high calorie drink from my GP which is gluten and lactose free! There are 200 calories in 40 ml which is amazing! I hope to start piling it back on and get up to a healthy BW soon. Thanks for all of your suggestions which I'm also doing so that I can maintain my fitness by training at the same time. If anyone is interested the drink is called calogen.


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