New pork pies from the Foodamentalists

New pork pies from the Foodamentalists

Ok folks here is a sneaky peek at our new gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, soya free pork pies.

We have spent the last couple of months working on these, they are completely new, new pastry, new seasoning, new jelly & still not a single nasty E number or artificial additive, preservative or flavouring in sight.

We will be launching these at the York Coeliac food fair on the 10th May

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  • They look fantastic, what I don't understand is why the supermarkets don't sell real food for us just like these pies!

  • They look fantastic. Where abouts in York on 10th May will you be? Parliament street? I will pop into town to buy some of these (and perhaps taste a sample?) :-) how long will they stay fresh and do they freeze well?

    Drooling at the thought of these little lovelies :-)

  • Hi, We will be at the York coeliac food fair at York College, Sim Balk Lane, York YO23 2BB on Saturday May, 10th 10.30am to 2.30pm

  • Dribble dribble dribble!! Are you coming to the Allergy Show in London in July? We neeeeeeeeeeed these for my partner!

  • Hi Unfortunately not,we have other commiments

  • Thanks Stephen. Just a gentle reminder that the focus of this site is for health issues not food. As tempting as your produce looks the best place for posts like this would be on our Twitter or Facebook page. After all we wouldn't want the world & his wife to think this is a forum for free advertising ; )

  • This was my fault Fiona as I suggested Steve join us and tell us about his pies... It seemed like a good idea at the time but I have these brain waves LOL.

  • Hi Jerry,I have blamed you anyway :-)

  • Quite rightly too, so I'm sorry for triggering this. I do feel that what we can eat especially from the independent food co's like yours are positive posts and gives some members hope and inspiration. And I also feel that we have to be careful that all the posts aren't about ill health and focus on the negative side of having CD as 'our' cure is a gluten free diet.

    I went to a local food market in Bristol and our friend Malago was selling home made gf pork pies plus other gf goodies and her conserves and I did not know that I could buy these foods near me and that started this.

    I also went to the Food connections festival in Bristol at the beginning of May and kept quiet about it even tho' there were gf food options there, which I thought was great.

    So just keep up the good work supporting the coeliac community as it is such a refreshing change from the free from aisles and prescription giants options.

  • Sorry Fiona I only did it after Jerry suggested it :-(

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