Hello, I'm newly diagnosed (no histology). Diagnosis did not come as a surprise though, as I've suffered for years, but was told by GP...if you think you can't eat something, don't eat it!

Anyway, that's just by way of a little history. My query is:

Does anyone know of any GF chocolate. I'd like access to some for baking and cake decorating so would prefer it did not require a mortgage to purchase it ;-)

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  • Lindt or Green & Blacks are global brands which are gluten free using soya lecithin. I think you have to be careful as possible cross contamination from other products in factory which include wheat.

    I have also used Tesco own brand value which works well for a cheap alternative, but that's in UK & Ireland.

  • Watch out for Lindt some of their chocolate is made with wheat. Check the allergen info

  • I bought some Green and Blacks chocolate cooking powder and it contained gluten!! Do be aware, look at the label, this wasn't cheap ;(

  • Green and Blacks and some Tesco brands are gluten free, Lindt is not, from my label reading and is not in coeliac UK booklet.If you belong to Coeliac UK these products can be easily checked, and food labelling is very good now on UK products, with most brands now some are and some are not and one has to label read every time as they are always changing

  • Lindt in a letter to my question state that none of their chocolate is gluten free, some of it contains gluten and the rest is made in the same factory and could be cross cotaminated.

  • Thanks guys, I've joined Coeliac UK now, and will check their lists. Very grateful for all the helpful comments.

  • Lots of Lindt has barley malt extract. I have found lots of Green & Black is labelled may contain wheat so avoid it. I buy Waitrose and M&S own brand, and have bought Tescos own brand without problems. I often find supermarkets own brand have much clearer labelling.

  • Toblerone is Gluten Free and 99.9% of Thorntons Choclate, very impressed with Thorntons their lablelling is very very good. Cadbury's be very careful we have found the smaller the bar the better it is, anything on offer or in a multi pack seems to cause problems. For baking I find the 70% fairtrade choclate to be ok, the more concentrate of cocoa the better it is. Hope this helps

  • The two I consider reliably safe are Willies (which costs an arm and a leg) and Montezuma's (similar but slightly cheaper, though it's sometimes on offer). I always used to eat Lindt but started reacting and then discovered it contains barley. Green & Blacks has the possibility of contamination so I avoid it now.

  • Many Aldi brand chocolate bars are marked "gluten free" and are very reasonably priced.

  • Yes, I forgot Aldi as I'm avoiding soya, but their chocolate is lovely and a much better price.

  • I lso find Thorntons and M&S very good. Some Cadburys chocs have wheat on the ingredients, while others like buttons don't, which I find very strange. Some supermarket brands are also fine to use as long as you read the ingredients

  • I love M&S chocolate the most! Used to love Lindt before diagnosed.

  • Most have already been mentioned, but also morrisons and Asda now have their own range of free from chocolate bars. Only small so you would need a lot for baking! But the choc orange one is lovely. It's something like 49p for a 45g bar!

  • For cooking I always use the Tesco own brand. For snacking, the cheap Lidl range is great - the higher priced range is not gluten free but the cheapo one is and is fine (especially at 34p for a large bar!!!)

  • Hi, my family use Waitrose own brand of Swiss chocolate as there's no reference to gluten on it and I've been fine with it. We do a lot of chocolate moulding and it works brilliantly for it. Good luck x

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