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Interpretation of Results Required, Coeliac & Immunoglobulins


Earlier on last year I had the following tests:

Prot Electrophoresis Polyclonal increase IgA

Immunoglobulin G level (XE259) 11.0 g/L (5.0 - 15.0)

Immunoglobulin A level (XE25B) 3.91 g/L (0.8 - 2.8) Above High Reference Limit

Immunoglobulin M level (XE25A) 0.37 g/L(0.5 - 2.0) Below Low reference limit

Tissue transglutaminase IgA level (XaJg2)

0.5 u/mL (0.0 - 4.0)

Tissue Transglutaminase Ab (IgA)

False negative results in coeliac disease may occur if the patient is on a gluten free diet or is IgA deficient. This test identifies the majority of IgA deficient patients but if there is a strong suspicion of deficiency then please request an IgA measurement.

Would be grateful if someone could interpret my results please and how significant these results are. Many thanks

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Hi Gsp 177: Hope this helps: you are not IgA deficient . Therefore your negative tTG indicates that you do not have CD (unless you are following a gluten free diet). If you ARE following a GF diet the result are non diagnostic. To get a confirmed diagnosis you need to discuss with your doctor doing a gluten challenge/re-introducing gluten, 9foe up to 6 weeks !!!!!!!!!) then another blood test to show a +ve tTG followed by a diagnostic biopsy. However you may still not have CD, but possibly NCGI. If this is the case the only diagnosis and treatment is a GF diet (if you follow a GF diet and are symptom free, it is all the diagnosis you need.


Just to add to what sallydogsmum said...

Your IgA is high, which indicates that your immune system is busier than it should be. This might be due to non-coeliac gluten sensitivity, but it could be a whole bunch of other things. It needs futher investigation.

I believe that IgA is mainly produced in the digestive tract, so a high IgA could indicate that there's a digestive cause for your problems. You probably have symptoms anyway that tell you this!


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