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WF for bone pain

Apart from the usual stomach pain that I had after eating wheat/gluten products I suffered very painful joints. Every morning I had to move all joints before I could even walk. Doctors didn't have a clue why. It caused me to have osteopenia. I was placed on Calcichew 4 years ago, 3 months ago the Dr gave me a cheaper calcium tablet and the pain came back. I stopped taking it, after 3 weeks the pain had almost gone so I tried the medication again, more pain. Pleased to say I am back on Calcichew and pain free. Medication should have an ingredients list for non medical ingredients.

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Hi Wend100.

It sounds like you have had an unfortunate time with your medication. Happily, the majority of prescription medications in this country ARE gluten-free but I guess there will always be one that slips through the net. Bad luck for finding it!

You mentioned Osteopenia and bone pain. If you have never had a vitamin D blood test, can I suggest that you consider asking your GP for one? Having vitamin D deficiency can be a cause of bone pain. I think there are some doctors out there who just stick you on the Calcichew tablets without bothering to check separately for this.

I had a good GP and did get tested. It still took many, many weeks to get the results. The outcome was a diagnosis of severe Vit D deficiency and a referral to an Endocrinologist.

How do I know about this issue? Some of the vertebrae in my spine are osteopenic, others are osteoporotic. All caused by having coeliac disease.

Since being on massive doses of Vit D, a lot of aches and pains I once considered normal have now mysteriously vanished!

Btw, Please DO NOT self medicate on large doses of vitamin D. It is a fat soluble vitamin so the excess does not get flushed out of your system each day like some of the other vitamins. I've had to have my liver and kidney functions checked via blood testing.


Yes the bone pain will be low vitamin D. I had extremely low vit d and iron when I was eating gluten, and was put on vit d and iron tablets. This stopped the pain within weeks, so I was lucky. Years of eating gluten when you shouldn't though can actually cause osteoporosis rather than just pain. I was lucky - it hadn't got that far, but it scared me into sticking to my gf diet!

But it's true also that you shouldn't self medicate with vit d, you need to be tested properly and given the right dose.


Are you on Alendronic tablets also, I take one a week as well as Calcichew daily for my Ostepenia...


The Calcichew I am on are with D3 so everything's good as long as I take them... without wheat. The Dr mentioned that Calcichew had reported they were closing the factory. Has anyone else heard this?


Factory closure is at times used when wanting to put patient on another make. (perhaps cheaper) That way the patient will accept reason.


Hi Wend100

Nope heard nothing about the factory closing. Interesting though; I will listen out for more information.

I was also put on AdCal D3 - it wasn't enough. My understanding is that the quantity of D3 in both types of tablets is more of a maintenance dose rather than a replacement dosage.


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