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Rate your hospital !

Rate your hospital !

We've noticed a lot of you haven't yet completed our hospital survey to discover which UK hospitals offer the best treatment for Coeliac patients.

Whilst we suspect...that some of you aren't aren't under the care of a hospital anymore we'd still love your views of your past experience. Meanwhile...if you know of any friends or relatives that are being investigated for Coeliac Disease why not direct them here so they compare with some of the results we already have?

Plus if you're not happy with your Hospital treatment you can compare other hospitals near you and vote with your feet to get referred to another one that has a higher score from fellow Coeliac patients.

The more we fill in the survey the more we'll build up a handy resource of the best Coeliac hospitals.

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I would rate St Thomas' London as 10 out of 10 having a gastro and dieticians depts that are Coeliac trained and quite specific, My local the William Harvey Hospital I believe is just getting a gastro dept and the dieticians are more general purpose.


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