virus or symptoms?

I know this is a silly question but I am not very well and cannot work out whether I am ill because of eating something that disagreed with me and brought on symptoms, or I have a virus. The symptoms I am having are aching bones/muscles, feeling hot and cold, nausea, lethargy/fatigue and trips to the loo. I don't think I have a temperature. However, all these were/are symptoms I had/have in one form or another especially pre-diagnosis. The only culprit could be some cambozola cheese that I ate yesterday as an experiment. I have not had a virus since diagnosis so this is new territory for me. I have taken to my bed as I feel so wretched. Does anyone know how to distinguish between the two.

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  • I can say that my daughter had a virus all last week that sounds very similar to what you have described. Its a sort of flu bug that affects your tummy and gives you the trots and cramps. Its different from the violent nature of a norovirus.

    Very difficult to say if its the cheese but Id have thought that the achyness would not be from a food reaction. Paracetamol, fluids and lots of rest and see what happens. Feel better soon. x

  • Thank you APsnotFab - I think it is a virus as I took my temperature after I posted and it was up. The symptoms are the same as your daughter's. Hope it doesn't last a week I am very busy.

  • I doubt wether this will help but, I am at this very moment feeling just the same as you.... I had a curry for lunch, yes I know I shouldn't have but our daughter wanted to take us out because she is not around for fathers day and they all wanted a curry, they wouldnt have gone without me and I didn't want to spoil the day!!!! I too thought these symptoms were because I had been stupid earlier on today, I feel sick to my stomach, pains, shortness of breath and wheezing and also trips to the loo...... :0(

  • to put another slant on it, i have a flu-like reaction to foods that I am sensitive to. Your symptoms would fit a food reaction in me. once you feel better, the only way to work out whether it was a virus or the cambozola, would be to eat the cheese again and see what happens. not much fun and probably not much help, i know. get well soon.

  • Don't know if it helps but before I stopped being able to eat dairy I used to regularly eat cambozola cheese with no ill effects while gluten free, and I'm quite reactive. I know everyone's different though...

  • Thank you JaneyH, Katethebake and Freelancer. I think it may have been a 24 hour bug as I spiked a temperature. However, I don't know if people get a temperature if they get glutened. I don't know whether it was the cambozola as I usually react pretty quickly to food and I had eaten this 18 hours before I got sick. As this is the first time I have been ill since diagnosis it threw me a bit particularly as the muscle aching was so like fibromyalgia that I had before I went gluten free. Despite paracetamol I was really uncomfortable during the night. Strange thing is I am as fit as fiddle this morning!

  • Is blue cheese gluten-free?

    Posted on December 6th, 2007

    There are many stories about how blue cheese came to be. They all involve cheese, bread and a cave. The basic tale is this: someone left a piece of bread in a cave where the cheese was being aged. The bread became moldy and the mold spread to the cheese. Someone came back to the cave days or weeks later, and yum yum yum – moldy blue cheese! An industry was born. They began to purposely inject cheese with bread mold during processing, leading to the creation of blue or green-veined cheeses such as Roquefort, Gorgonzola, Cambozola, and Stilton.

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