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Gluten free and losing weight?

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Ok,I was diagnosed by biopsy last october I had lost 2 stone by that point,once I started my gluten free diet I gained around 9lbs,I soon gave up on my diet and had been eating gluten for around 6 months.

My weight remained stable while eating gluten.

Now I've been gluten free for less than a week and I've lost 3lbs already.

Does this mean I'm doing it wrong?

I felt ill initially when I went gluten free last week but I feel fine now.

Also I did find a bread that is edible,I tried the 'yes you can' brown bread from tesco,its the first gf bread I've been able to eat thats not been toasted,I'm just trying to locate where sells the white...

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Ive been gluten free for about 6 days and Ive lost 5lbs.

Also tesco do white bread thats gluten free in their free from section , ive bought some but I havent tried it yet.

I lost 9lb fairly quickly when i first went GF then i put a stone on and now iv lost 5lb lol, i find im jumping all over the place. Its easy to put weight on , on this diet as the only good things they sell GF are cake , cake oh and cake!!! i at the moment am trying to eat naturally GF and healthy as i can, we will see how long that lasts for lol.

Good luck everyone

I all way find I loose a few ibs when eating just a gf diet without the bread etc but as soon as i have the gf bread it comes back on considering they have the same amount in calories I'm not surprised as the flours are made from rice and potatoes.

DS sent me a pack with biscuits and rolls when I signed up a couple of years ago,they also sen samples and ask for feed back!

I this hovis has launched a gluten free range now and the bread is nice and soft. and doesn't crumble as soon as you try to get it out of the packing

hope this helps

Hi, Don't worry about the weight loss i lost 4 pounds in the first week, after 3 months have put that back on plus 6 pounds more!! I don't think you're doing anything wrong it's probably your body adjusting to different foods. Saw the yes you can white bread in a local Rainbow supermarket.

I managed to get some at co op and it's really nice a touch sweet but not too far off a bird's farmhouse loaf tho I'm not sure if I'm just brainwashing myself into liking it because I have no choice hehe

i am slightly confused and am sorry ---------you said you went back to gluten six months ago so why are you trying to find the best GF bread ( my idea of torture if you can eat "normal" bread) I

do find that a lot of the GF biscuits and cakes seem to have a lot of fat in, if you need to drop your cholesterol you cannot eat GF nicies. No lighter/"good for you" choices for us


I was diagnosed stuck to the gluten free diet for a short time before getting fed up of it I had been eating gluten for 6 months with no gastro problems however my dietician highlighted some other things I'm suffering that are down to eating gluten so I've been completely gluten free for a week.

I have now found some bread that is edible and I'm still losing weight but I figure it'll settle down in good time.

I try not to eat the biscuits they've got so much fat and sugar it should be against the law!!!

you could all ways try to make you're own bread,there loads of recipes on line and for bread bakers as well.

I know I'm going to try again and this time planning to get a bread maker just to make g f bread...fingers crossed i will find a good recipe.

just a question to those who have had the biscuits,do any of you also find there seems to be alot with coconut in them.

It's alright if you love coconut but it can get a bit much.

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Most people easily lose a stone going GF. Then 6mths later you will notice things are tighter especially after fatty GF bread and any Free From snacks. A GFDiet is often high in fat, protein and sugar (even if just from fruits). So always remember to exercise even if it's 15mins a day and eat everything in moderation.

I was diagnosed in October last year as well. I was 9 1/2 stone, and lost. 4 pounds in the first week due to lack of food. I have been eating more GF bread etc. but I think long term the best solution is naturally GF stuff. I am back to 9 1/2 stone and can't seem to get over that brut it's probably due to the fact that the my diet is generally better without a lot of bread, pastry and cakes etc. I am giving up on the prescription as well as it's a "-----" nightmare trying to get the stuff I request.

As Fiona said good balance diet and exercise are simple rules to follow. Good luck.

Jumping back and forth with diet compliance won't help stabilise your weight. If you're damaging your gut, you'll have trouble maintaining your weight because inflammation might increase your scale weight, and then the gut damage will result in poor absorption, which could make you lose weight, but you could also hold on to body fat because you're essentially starving yourself. Continuing to eat gluten when you have been diagnosed as a coeliac is not a good idea- I won't lecture/scare you as it sounds like your dietician is on the ball. Maybe the rest of your healthcare team haven't made it obvious enough to you. Your dietician, as well as pointing out the other problems beyond GI symptoms is obviously interested in helping you; use their advice to help you stick to the diet in a way that works for you. He/she can help you find meals you like to eat, which will help you remain gluten free. Depending on how long you have had coeliac before it was diagnosed, it may take a long time of being consistent in avoiding gluten for your weight to be maintained at the correct weight for you. And of course this involves eating healthy good and getting some daily exercise. Again your dietician is the best resource for helping you build a plan for a healthy gluten free diet that you enjoy and will stick to.

Hiya.. Thanks for your reply.. I've been sticking to my gf diet completely for around 4 years or so.. This post was from 5 years ago.. Still having a nightmare with my weight and would do anything for a real doughnut haha

I'm an idiot, didn't read the date at all. Just back from hospital this morning so not the sharpest tool in the box today:) Sadly, while it's great to be optimistic and hope that we'll be just like normal people as long as we avoid gluten, the damage undiagnosed coeliac disease does to the gut can take forever to heal, and some damage may be permanent which has implications for other areas of health and well-being. I'm too early in my diet to miss the few things I was eating, I avoided most gluten containing foods anyway because of the symptoms. So it's been a long time since I had a doughnut! Hope you eventually get the weight issues sorted and maybe advances in gluten free baking will yield the perfect doughnut, but then you might have weight gain to worry about! It's never straight forward!! :)

I totally agree with you, I'm still suffering with iron and vit D deficiency now, my hair still falls out as well, if only I knew then what I know now.. I now have all of my own stuff in the kitchen, my own worktop with my own toaster and cutlery, I have separate cupboards for my stuff and the top shelf of the fridge, I even go as far as having my own butter, mayo and such but when I have accidentally had something with gluten in, usually when eating out, it just makes me so unwell.. I now try to focus on the things I can have, I was a shockingly fussy eater and getting coeliac disease has cured this.. I love Tesco for their gluten free.. Their ginger biscuits are amazing as the base for a lemon cheesecake! I hope that you get on ok.. It's a minefield!

Luckily it's just my husband and I so he's prepared to keep the house gluten free. I haven't thrown out the toaster yet but using toastabags, they are great if you are staying in a different house or a holiday home. They are designed for toasties in the toaster but are great for gluten free toast. I am a sainsburys shopper but keep hearing good things about Tesco gluten free range so must go pick up a few things. What is your doctor doing for you for the vitamin D deficiency and the anaemia? Maybe you need injections instead of oral supplements?

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