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bowels and burning

another episode of bowels over working got a comode now as i only have 1 toilet in flat and 2 young adults who take ages in loo had pains last night and took my tablets for ibs then about an hour later had bowel movement and mix of soft,to normal then back 2nd time and my anus started to burn and had to examine the waste and it didnt look right then 20 mins later back again this time it was full of muscus and my back passage was burning and stinging and the pain was excrucating all 3 times and i have a gd pain thresh hold and i nearly passed out in toilet it is like labour pains only worse at my wits end with this and i feel ill and still drowsie and pains in right side of abdo and low back pain had a scan on thurs for bowels and muscles got told i have tissue that is damaged this is affecting my life and some days i cant go out when my bowels start to play up and dont get much notice when i need to go any1 know what is the cause doctors dont seem to be treating me right

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You could look into following a FODMAP diet. Strict elimination for 8 weeks then a gradual reintroduction of foods. The bet link to look at is...

FODMAP diet has recently been introduced to NHS dieticians in the UK to help with IBS. I follow it and have found it really helps with IBS.



You need to see your GP and push for good painkillers and a route to diagnosis. There could be all manner of things causing your problems from infection to Crohn's etc. Mucus in stools is a sign something is wrong and you need to see your GP and explain how painful this is and the effect on your quality of life.

There all manner of diets that may or may not help you. At the moment I'd focus on getting a proper treatment plan in place with your GP.


I've been going through the same thing this past 6 months. Finally, got someone to talk to me ... several in fact. My burning and pain is because my stomach acid is going right through my entire digestive system so fast that it's just as strong when it comes out and burns my bottom. My IBS/D is the diarrhea type. I was told to drink 2 litres of water a day, plus one cup for every BM I have. I'm taking Losec and Ranitidine twice a day to control the acid. I use Immodium to control the diarrhea, I eat a bland diet, with 6 small meals a day. No raw fruit or veggies, no red meat, no lactose or gluten, no caffine, alcohol or carbonated beverages. No nightshades (tomatoes) spicy or fried foods. It took my system about a month to settle right down. Stress is an irritant, just like food allergies and intolerances. I don't take anything for pain except homeopathics, massage and hydrotherapy. It's an autonomic nervous system issue focused in the brain, I've been told. It's the sympathetic and the parasympathetic systems totally out of whack and fighting each other. I'll let you know how that part of my treatment goes when I get to it... in the meantime, I'm so much better. I do have symptom flare ups, but just go back to the basics to deal with them. Good luck with yours! I hope you find your solutions quickly.


Hello, I have written my research paper on The issues people with Coeliac Disease have with food in Northern Ireland. While researching for my literature Review, this is what I discovered;

The symptoms of CD range from mild to severe, with many of the symptoms leading to misdiagnosis because of their similarity to other illnesses. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), for instance is a disease which causes the most confusion and when misdiagnosed with this condition, the patient could have a delayed diagnosis of CD, Cash et. al. (2011:1190). According to Health Check Shop UK, (2012) around 1 in 10 people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms could actually have coeliac disease.

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) guideline on IBS in adults, published in February 2008, recommend that people who meet the IBS diagnostic criteria should have an antibody test to exclude coeliac disease.

From personal experience, I have discovered that the medication for IBS can cause the symptoms you are experiencing while on the toilet. I think for your own sake you need to go back to the doctor, be aware however that your initial GF test could come back negative as there could be a chance that you have silent coeliac disease or refractory sprue. Do some research of your own and bring in the evidence for the Doctor because as my GP says, Doctors don't know it all!

The very best of good luck!

Margaret McCrory


Hi Kat

I have ulcerative colitis which started with the exact symptoms that you describe it took a while for the doctors to get the right diagnosis. I'm coeliac so at first we all thought I'd had a bad reaction to something I ate then I was treated for IBS then procolitis and this finally after it got extremely severe and I took myself to A&E as I was losing so much blood that I could barely stay awake I saw a specialist and got treatment. You need to be firm with the doctors and keep going back until they do the right tests (sorry some are not nice to go through but it's the only way to be diagnosed). I think this is more than coeliac disease as I've experienced the symptoms of both so you need to see a specialist.

I understand what you mean about the effects on your daily life. I still am nervous to go anywhere without knowing there will be plenty of toilet access just in case I have an episode but with the right medication you can live almost symptom free again. I found imodium got me through any necessary trips but do not take too much as it can cause your bowels to stop moving and as you know the only relief from the pain can be to go to the toilet so when you suddenly can't it is pure torture, trust me!

I found Colitis UK ( very helpful and it was through them that I got a RADAR key which as you can imagine is a godsend on trips out.

I hope you get diagnosed and on the right treatment soon.


This sounds very much like Ulcerative colitis. the continued pain is not normal and needs to be dealt with urgently. Untreated colitis can lead to life threatening infection and perforations of th ebowel. See your doctors urgently.


Hello Katluck. So sorry to hear of your situation. I went 18mths with continuous abdominal problems, then had failed colostomy. At times had bleeding, 4-5inches solid mucus, sore inside anus it was awful. Was on mebeverine, pepermint capsule which didnt help, was pacing lounge in pain many times. Then requested to go on Proton pump Rabeprasole 20mg, this eventually gave some relief. Six mths later hospital advised take twice a day to see me in 7mths, reduce it after 3mths. So its not an easy condition to treat apparently case of grin and bear it. Only you know how bad it is, like me. In so much pain at times rang GO TO DOC fat lot of good that. Said see gp, and what do you want me to do, continue treatment. (treatment that wasnt helping) Lucky am in older age group, glad didnt have condition when younger. Stick with it and keep strong. Was diagnosed coeliac 5yrs ago.


You need to go do your doctor, and demand to see a specialist at the hospital. Good luck Irene


Katluck - pls let us know what your Dr says. As we've all agreed you need to see them urgently to get this resolved.


I'm starting the Specific Carbohydrate Diet -

although aimed at kids with diffferent bowel diseases it is helpful to get tips on the diet and good links

I get the burning bowels too and it makes me just want to eat cucumbers!

Breaking the vicious cycle is a very informed read about the history of Celiac etc and ulcerative colitis and studies done in the 1950's which were far more thorough investigations of the disease than now.

It clears up a lot of the misinformation we receive when diagnosed or undiagnosed with this illness. I suggest you read it as it could potentially save your colon/your life ;)

A friend of mine is having success in treating her 3 yr old who had svere ulcerative colitis and was told the only treatnent would be to remove parts of the damaged colon and potentialy have a bag fitted.

She has been doing diet for around 6mnths and the blood has stopped and he's got back his energy and is growing stronger every day - although there can be slight relapses and he can have the odd spot of blood now and then - but nothing like he was. He will do the diet for at least 2 yrs.

If you're not as ill it can be done for 12 months with an excellent outcome as long as it is adhered to strictly and 100%

I'ts a huge commitment but i've decided i want my life back.


pecan bread is aimed at kids on the diet but SCD is for all ages sorry!


I had similar symptoms a few years ago and was diagnosed with ulcerative colitus. Since treatment it went away and has only come back mildly once or twice.


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