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Is the gluten free menu reliable on planes?

Im moving to Australia next month and Im wondering if I can trust the gluten free food on the plane,or any suggestions of what to give my 2 coeliac children to eat they are ages 2 and 6.I would feel really guilty if I gave them something that made them ill. Im new to coeliac disease and I really worry probably too much. I think its because I nearly lost my daughter because she was so malnurished . I would be grateful for any suggestions . thanks

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Hi Mumy05

When you book or later give the airline plenty of notice re gluten free. Some airlines do have a system when booking to select this food as needed.

However big thing.l airlines have a big disclaimer that whilst all care etc. I got caught big time by Qantas with a pastry.

Might be a great idea to bring gluten free food on board just in case. I always do.

Be assured that in Australia there are good gluten free supplies.

Have a great trip and gidday to aussie land.


Hi Mummy05, if you do take gf food with you, you must hand any that's left over to customs on arrival, as they have very strict rules about bringing food into Australia.

As for worrying too much, with 5 children and 2 being coeliac methinks that you have your hands full and at that age they need you to look out for them, so good for you.

Like Roscoe says there are good gf options over there. It's worth checking out the Silly Yak bakery:

I hope you have a good trip. And please do let us know how you get on in Australia and with the flight.


I visited Australia in 2000 & had no problems with gf food either on the flight or in Tasmania. However, my son did have awful problems with Quantas over his daughter's serious nut allergy, where they were not only unhelpful but also rude!!


Def take what you need with you. The upside for the kids is that they will get their meals before everyone else, the downside being they sometimes forget and miss out people.So once you see them giving out special meals, just gently ask :-) I have been reasonably successful with the gluten free on planes, but with kids you just don't want to take chances. Sometimes the gluten free on flights is nicer than the normal fare. Enjoy Australia


yes the gluten free meals have been out for a while now on planes, always let your holiday company know before hand. Virgin flights are brilliant!!


Generally speaking, airlines are pretty good if you only suffer from one digestive issue. Before I discovered I was allergic to milk too, I ate the plane meals fine. However, many of them struggle to do milk and gluten.

I usually take food with me anyway and depending upon the airline, many can be quite sympathetic - I've had air crew share some of their rations (interestingly they don't eat the plane food :) - fruit, etc). Just back from a holiday myself and got my hotel to make up a meal in foil before I left which I munched on the plane. Got lots of envious looks as it was infinitely better and tasted less like cardboard than the thing they served up! On the plane I carry my own Gluten Free sandwiches, fruit, plain crisps, Nakd bars, 9 bars and have used St Clement tinned chicken/salmon meals (from Asda - not great but edible if you are hungry) or the John West Tuna salsa meals.


Hi Jerry

In Australia you are allowed to bring in unopened food that is generally available in supermarkets etc. Meat products, fruit and vegetables are definitely a no no. I found on my last trip back to Australia that the customs guys were very helpful. All you have to do is declare it. Any problems can be sorted out on arrival.


After a recent experience with a trip to Cuba on Virgin Atlantic: Make sure the airline knows you need gluten free meals. I told the travel agent about coeliac but Thomas Cook didn't pass the info onto Virgin!

When they bring the meals around, check you have the right ones. Virgin gave me a dairy free one by mistake! I was about to eat it when my wife noticed the marking on the lid. So easy to get your D mixed up with your G.

Apart from that, Virgin served good food on the way out to Cuba. Shame they only had chocolate croissants for breakfast on the return journey though.


I fly quite often to Melbourne, and like all the other responses, you must contact the airline direct, I have allways had good food, but still take a back up with me. You must dispose of any fresh produce upon arrival at the airport, there are bins provided. I prefer my own bread/rolls etc so take a supply in my hold luggage for when I am there, this may be a good idea for you to do, until you can manage to get out and purchase some. There has never been a problem taking this into the country. Good luck....


Double posting this (posted it already in fast food thread too but thought it releavant here)

One range of foods to go - not haute cuisine, but handy are these St Dalfour (apols if I said St Clement in an earlier post) go to bottom of page and the Ready to eat section does tinned meat/fish/bean salad combos. Come with their own sachet of salt/pepper in a ring pull tin. If you stick a dollop of mayo in them they are good as an emergency food source (and as they are not liquid can be taken through airport hand luggage) and I have done so, many times.


Ignore, of course the ones with couscous, pasta and grains but the three bean, duck, salmon and chicken meals are all gluten free.


And Asda sell them if shipping costs too high.


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