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Can group b strep lay dormant in the body?

Can group b strep lay dormant? So my daughter had it when she was born only received 7 days of antibioitics but then contracted it again at 7 weeks and then had 10 days of antibiotics if it can I'm now worried about what damage it may have done whilst laying dormant in her body?

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I don't know you must ask your dr or consultant and ask lots of questions don't be fobbed off! And trust your instincts as a mother!!! My little girl had strep b in her bones for 6 weeks of her life and nobody picked up in it. Granted she was very poorly but she is fine now and a healthy 3 year old. But every case is different good luck xxx

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You could also look at the Group B Strep Support web site. or give them a call.


Group B Strep does two things - it colonises people (lives in and on them without causing damage) which is when it's found where it's OK for it to be, like on a vaginal or rectal swab; and it causes infection (gets into places that should be sterile and causes damage) which is when it's found in the blood, urine, spinal fluid, etc.

The IV antibiotics given to your daughter when she was born will have treated any infection at the time. The antibiotics don't stay in the body for very long (which is why you have to have a course of them) and so after the course was finished, the antibiotics would no longer be in your daughter's system, killing the GBS germs. Having recovered from a GBS infection does increase the risk slightly of having another.

It's not that the GBS lays dormant. It's more that the baby is exposed to GBS germs and for some reason isn't able to fight of the bacteria and infection develops.

There's more about late onset group B Strep infection on the FAQ page of our website at Or email us at - we'll help if we can.


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