Hi i posted on here a couple of weeks ago after finding out i have GBS and i wanted to know if there were any signs or symptoms of an infection in myself or the baby? I suffered PPROM at 26weeks last time and stayed pregnant until 35 weeks... Yay, and the consultant said that they think this happened due to an infection. I had antibiotics through IV for the 3 days they were inducing me but my baby still got seriously ill with an 'unknown' infection 3 days after birth (turned yellow, pale, fitting, low blood pressure, sepsis, stopped breathing and shut down on us). My discharge is not a lot (sorry if TMI) but is quite yellow and i am getting shooting pains in my lower tummy and bum lol. I am 17 weeks 1 day and am feeling little movements now which makes me feel better when im worried but my midwife isnt concerned at all about my GBS and wont be seeing me until 28 weeks. I dont feel they realise how much this is affecting me (even though ive told them) after what happened with my son. Sorry xx

Ps the leaflet the midwife gave me says that if ive had a baby that suffered GBS in the past then any baby after that is 10 x more likely to get it and 3 x times more likely if i carry GBS in my pregnancy. What kind of chances does this baby then have if my last child DID have GBS is it 13 x more likely? Sorry again xx

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  • Hi - if you're having symptoms, please get them checked out and raise your concerns with your doctor (not just your midwife). As Jane said before, ask to see a consultant obstetrician (so a senior doctor specialising in obstetrics, ideally someone who has a particular interest in your issues) to discuss your full history and make a plan. Your health professionals will be very nearly as keen as you are that all goes well.

    There are no symptoms of GBS carriage, though GBS can (rarely) cause infection in adults. The golden rule in pregnancy is 'if in doubt, check it out.' Your health professionals will much prefer to see you unnecessarily than not see you when you need to be seen.

    And the 10x assumes carriage this time round, so it's 10x not 13x.

  • The consultant at my local hospital is refusing to see me anymore as they dont consider me high risk, my midwife is brushing me off and my doctor was furious that my midwife sent me to him instead of seeing me herself so sent me to EPU where they picked up the GBS. Brick wall comes to mind and dont know where to turn anymore :(

  • Have you spoken with the Supervisor of Midwives? He/she should be able to help.

  • No how do i go about this? I know that there is nothing really anyone can do at the moment but i do think i should be being monitored regularly at the very least? I have my 20 week scan on 15th feb then see midwife at 28 weeks and thats it!!! No consultant, no extra scans or appointments... nothing!

  • You should just be able to call the hospital and ask to speak with him/her. Clearly, s/he may not be available when you call, but you can leave a message and ask for a call back.

    We can't give specific medical advice, only information I'm afraid though for what it's worth I think that when women are particularly anxious during their pregnancy then their health professionals should do all they can to answer their concerns. And, when the answer is 'do nothing' (and sometimes that is the right answer), to explain why that it is.

  • Hello there I have been through the same if u would like to talk request me on Facebook and I will share my number with u if that would help. Facebook is Lisa Lawrence u will see a picture of my son we lost in sept 2012 he's so beautiful. Thinking of u xx

  • Oh bless ur heart, i feel bad for worrying when other people have lost a baby and im still pregnant. I will friend you now lisa x

  • Ah thats ok I just want to help other people now with their situations and questions so that our experience with Jack can hopefully help other people. I have sent you a private message on Facebook. Its nice to have you as a friend xx

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