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Strep b

My bestest friends little boy was born with group b and regretably to say he passed away with it 22 hours old, my friend had all the classic symptoms waters broke before 36 weeks with a temperature whilst in labour as she was suffering from OC of the liver she should of been given antibiotics and not only that she tested positive for it earlier on in the pregancy.

He was born and fell ill shortly after and it was actually my friend who flagged his symptoms up, and they eventually called the peditrician down..

they came down and said to my friend he had an infection but would be ok, and had she ever had strep b in her last pregancy (she hadnt had any other children, mixed up her notes).

was then told he would have to go to paddington, but then was told he was to ill to be moved, septicaemia and menigitis creeped in and unfortunate his organs started to shut down, he was kept on a life support just to keep him alive for a short while.

So at 22 hours old he was christened and his machine turnt off, my best friend sued the hospital for her own case of neglience on her care as well as for her son.

RIP blake 31-12-2008 XXXX

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Sally so sorry to read of your best friends dreadfully sad experience.My first grandchild Rosie died at 4 days old from Group B Strep Feb 2005 we had never heard of it . My daughter in law went on to have Victoria in 2006 and had antibiotics because of what happened to Rosie but to have to loose a baby before they give antibiotics as caution is diabolical . I think a lot more mothers should sue the NHS and then perhaps they would do some thing about routinely introducing it into antenatal care. I hope your friend has gone on to have another baby successfully? We know exactly what she has been through and it beggars belief it still goes on !!!


Thanks for sharing Sally and Marb. So sorry to hear of the losses of those so dear to you - what sadness, though I'm sure you're each a huge comfort to them.

We can only agree that it's so sad that this is still continuing. We're hopeful that, when the National Screening Committee comes to make its decision at the end of the year, they'll see the evidence for screening from other countries, our rising numbers here, and made a decision to introduce antenatal GBS screening. I'm sure the public consultation will help too - making sure they understand that there is a public desire for change too. If you haven't already, info about the public consultation is at


How sad, sorry to hear of you friend's baby's death, babies are not supposed to die xxxx


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