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Question - as I cant see who to address it too

I have just spent 5 months living in Asia. While there i cleaned mould off the bed headboard with bleach water, the house was damp & humid outside the constant humidity was awful. None of the tests i had done there showed up any problem (ECG Chest Xray full blood work) however although I have slight improvement I still have tightness & pain in my chest & laboured breathing. The Doctor there said my airways were closing down , gave me an inhaler & anti histamines. My Doctor here has tried me on a short & high dose of steriods & I am now on beta blockers ( for my heart?) I have had a auto immune disease the last 40 years & am on immuno suppresive drugs for that. I just want some suggestions as my Doctor is at

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Where are you? UK? There is certainly a chance you have become allergic to moulds amongst other things -you need to see a respiratory specialist to work through the possibilities and mention exposure to moulds - with all the wet weather in the UK there are still plenty of moulds in our air that might be helping make you feel bad if you are allergic. They can check using specific blood tests and may want to do another chest x-ray.

The Royal Brompton in London & the North West Lung Centre in Manchester are the two centres I know that are particularly good at mould work and also highly experienced in respiratory disease.


My pulmonary dr. says no to beta blockers for my blood-pressure. They caused my lungs

to spasm. I'm on ace-inhibitors. I have ABPA.


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