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Immunocompromised with persistent candidiasis

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Hi, I was hoping for your thoughts. I have had oral and vaginal thrush for over a year and have been treated with fluconazole tabs and topical treatments for around 12weeks. The thrush is getting worse, and for the past 3 weeks I have had pain in my stomach, bloating and very smelly wind, indigestion etc which is unusual for me. I'm concerned that this is the candida as there are strange things in my stool. it's really painful after every meal.

I am Immunocompromised due to severe Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME/CFS). I am worried that the doctor is not taking the fact that the infection is worsening (despite treatment) seriously.

Should I be pushing for any particular tests? My quality of life is already low due to the ME and this has made me bedbound (usually I am housebound but able to move around the house). So although they might not do so much for this for otherwise healthy people, it's having a big effect on my life. Also the thrush Is unpleasant. Any advice on what I should be asking my doctor for/to do is much appreciated .

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Thanks! I should have said that I've had swabs which have confirmed candida.. So I've had the candida diagnosed.

I hear what you're saying about chemical meds.. I have a heart condition which requires meds which can't be stopped. Only other thing I take really is HRT, And I've heard that can cause issues with candida.

I wondered if the NHS night have something up it's sleeve for this, but I'm not sure they beLieve that my stomach problens are linked to candida.

After Christmas I was thinking of doing the anti candida diet and

doing some research into herbal stuff. Thanks for the recommendation Boozie7!

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Candida infections are very common and about one in twenty recur. Treatments fail for Candida due to a number of factors, one of which is resistance to the antifungal drug tried (so your doctor may prescribe a different drug), others relate to personal care). Prolonged periods spent in bed could be one cause at it creates the warm moist environment that the yeast needs to grow. so it is worth seeing your doctor again to report the lack of treatment success. Treatment in recurring cases can take up to 6 months.

I don't really know very much at all about Candida. Good luck with finding out more and getting the help that you need.

I really feel for you, I'm experiencing the same symptoms that you described! Fluconazole didn't help whatsoever, my mouth and tongue is sore and feels like on fire, tried nystatin help a little bit but as soon as the bottle finished the candida returned with a vengeance! Did you manage to find a cure or at least something to relieve the symptoms?

Thank you.

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