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Does anyone take an itraconazole dosage of 200mg. am 100 mg. pm for ABPA?

Just been put on that as the reduced itra. from 400 daily to 200 daily just has not worked...should have stayed on the 400...was on 3mos and was working ...Dr. reduced to 100am/pm 3 weeks ago and now am pretty bad with congestion an asthma. My blood level for itra. was 1.7 a week ago and my Dr. said that was a good reading but the drug is not working at 200mg. a day. Instead of increasing back to 400mg...am now told to take 300 mg. a day itra. 200 am and 100 pm. I don't understand why the slow climb back up and is it good to split dosage like that? Breathing so bad that I have had to increase my Pred. from 5mg. daily to 20mg. daily and still not working. Any help would be so appreciated.

Thank you Hannah B

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Itraconazole dosage has to be carefully judged so yes lots of people take 300mg a day. I presume you were reduced from 400mg high to high blood levels likely to cause side effects, but if you have stopped feeling benefit that discuss again with your doctor.

Blood serum level greater than 1 should mean that itraconazole is working optimally so you are likely to be getting enough itraconazole. Something else may be causing your breathing problems.


I am sorry you are having so much trouble. I was on all those chemicals and steroids off and on for years. I realized I was feeling relief for a short amount of time. Then the infection seemed to be worse than ever. I realized that Dr's are human and don't know everything. They only know what they are taught.

If you go on a Candida diet with herb supplements you can beat this. I drink diatemaseous earth in the morning then a good Candida clear herb with caprylic acid. I stuck to the recommended foods and mostly ate salads with homemade dressing. After eating I ate home made yogurt with enzymes. I also took licorice root. Once a day I drank healthy water with a little aloe. Everything cleared up fast. I did revert back to junk foot at times and it caused the infection back. If I could just stick with all that I would be fine. It takes a lot of willpower.


You are getting enough itraconazole for it to be effective. If it is not helping then either the infection has become resistant to itraconazole or something else is causing the problem - another infection, another drug.


It was another infection...moraxcella but have it under control now ...Hannah


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