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Yeast overgrowth stool



I've done a comprehensive stool analysis test and the results are showing that I have lots of yeast in the stool. This is a abnormal level of yeast and is probably candida. Can anyone recommend me where I turn to with these results? I need immediate treatment and don't think my GP will be able to refer me to someone very quickly. I was thinking to look at private gastronologists? However I am not sure where to go, thank you

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It is quite normal for us to have yeasts in our stools as they are part of our normal gut microbe population. Reducing the amount of simple sugars in your diet and increasing the amount of fibre can often help the typical symptoms that are referred to as 'yeast or candida overgrowth', but this illness is mostly a feature of unconventional practitioners who run websites and who lack medical training & qualifications.

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