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abpa not getting better


Hi my husband was diagnosed with abpa about a year a go and his doctor put him on prednisone starting at 50mgs I believe and an anti fungal, his Ige levels were initially at 5000 and after the treatment started they dropped down to 500 but they have spiked again to 2000 while he has been on 10mg of prednisone. How is this even possible? He feels completely fine but his Ige levels speak another story. She has now requested a ct scan to see what is going on! Any ideas on what could be happening? btw she doubled his anti fungal meds now.

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I’m sorry for such a delayed reply - hopefully you’ve gotten some answers. I have ABPA and am also in the medical field so I’ve down quite a bit of research and it seems there is predictable pattern to ABPA but that any viral infection can cause an exacerbation. It’s great news that he feels fine but the decreased amount of prednisone has probably contributed as well. Anyway, good luck - keep up posted on your husbands treatment plan!:)

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