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Ringworm remedy please


I had ringworm infection over my chin since mid March and had taken a stat dose of Tab. Fluconazole. As i read many posts in the net, it appeared and disappeared.

Now i have gof fresh infections i. different parts and my doc has advised Tab. Fluconazole 300 mg once for 2 wks followed by 150 mg once for next 2 wks.

Can someone tell me is there permanent cure for ringworms?

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Yes there is - increasing the dose of fluconazole should do the trick.


Thanks Sir. But i have last night spoilt it keeping garlic and making a very bad blister!!!!


Garlic should be able to get rid of it.. the blister is a sign that fungi is burnt. Leave it to dry, it will itch but only coz its healing.


Thanx Weller.


I had terrible ringworm around my groin which has left permanent scarring , l used the same creams you have been prescribed with limited effect. An aunt advised me to eat regularly natural yogurt. I still have this every morning and I have never had ringworm since. Regular cleaning and talcing also helped at its worst.


Really feeling happy to hear tht someone personally has said it is curable, otherwise i felt the termites that has invaded my body is never going to leave.

I too am going to have a permanent scar in my chin.

Thanx for the reply.

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