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This year I was exposed to powdery mildew which had affected the hops that I grow in a walled garden. I developed a tight cough, on visiting doctors, then hospital have been diagnosed with kidney cancer metastasized to one lung. In all the hubbub the original cause of the cough seems to elude the doctors, the mention of fungal infections has prompted prescription of antibiotics and salbutamol but no interest in testing for fungal infections. In eight weeks I have gone from fit and active to just about capable of climbing a flight of stairs.

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Erysiphales (powdery mildew) is not pathogenic to humans as far as I can find out, so other than triggering an allergy this is unlikely to have caused your cough. However if you are a gardener you may well come into contact with Aspergillus fumigatus at regular intervals when you disturb compost & soil and that can infect humans and cause allergies.

There are simple blood tests to check for IgE and IgG levels that will be formed if you are either allergic or have an infection due to Aspergillus - most likely an allergy. Chances are though that the cancer metastasis is the cause of your cough rather than a fungus and I suspect that is what your doctors are assuming.


Thanks for the information currently in hospital receiving treatment so feel things are moving in the right direction

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