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Fatigue and MS and Cancer

My son has PPMS since 2004, is 61 years old, and fatigue is one of his major com plaints. After reading all the posts on fatigue, the light bulb went on. I am his caregiver, am recovering from radiation treatments (3 times in 3 yrs)due to cancer, am 84, and EXTREMELY fatigued. Being fatigued has given me better insight into what my son has to deal with on a daily basis. Depression, getting old too fast, time is passing you by, and particularly since he has PPMS, there are no treatments. It all seems hopeless. Yet, since we are both dealing with the same symptoms of fatigue, we have come to be closer and more understanding of each other.

Also, have to make some life changes, sell my house (the idea of moving is daunting), find new living for my son and myself, and paperwork, paperwork. We are both overwhelmed - life is overwhelming. But we will get there. Blessings to all of you.

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It may be that you are both being affected by living in a mould damaged house .

Moulds produce toxins that can cause the symptoms you describe so moving house ,providing you dont move to another mould damaged house ,could be the best thing you could do.

There are a number of tests that can be done to check if mould has affected your house or house you may consider moving to .

Remember not all mould in a property is visible: the worst grows in hidden spaces eg in cavities or back of plasterboard walls but if you have a mould problem there must be or must have been in past,water ingress or excessive moisture in air.

I have been in two hospitals that have areas affected by black mould so its not only houses affected!


It is not clear from your message what fungi have to with you or your sons health problems?

I think being 84 and a caregiver would make Superman/Superwoman fatigued and radiation treatment is probably a big factor in that.

I would guess that your life is centred around the care you give and that you rarely think or do anything else? You are very vulnerable to isolation and as you mention, depression. You need some 'you' time every week, socialise and get out of your home. There is help throughout the UK from Carers UK to help you get a break, meet other people - it sounds like you should get in touch.

Also see NHS guidelines on stress

Good luck.


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