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I have been experiencing vaginal itching (labia) for a month or so then developed a couple small itchy spot like bumps, I thought it was due to shaving with an old razor however it hasn't went away, I'm dying to itch all the time and sometimes the spots would bleed if I keep itching. I have been with my current boyfriend for 7 months and know that it couldn't be an STI, what could it be?

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Quite a few things mostly not fungal - go and see your GP.

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Please don't tell me it could be anything sinister


It isn't possible for me to say and as with all medical queries not something that should be ignored. Allergy & infection are possibilities so you should be examined by your doctor who will carry out tests to give you a firm diagnosis and treat appropriately.


I had similar sounding bumps but was told they were varicose veins. I don't think they considered allergies. Please can you explain how allergies would cause bumps in that area? Also if they are varicose veins what cream can be used to reduce them?


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