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Resistant oral thrush

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I have just finished a two week course of caspofungin with no success to get rid of oral thrush that I've had for at least 6 months following 6 months chemo RFC for CLL. I've now been referred to an oral specialist. Can someone please help me this is horrendous and affecting my day to day living. I'm off work still without pay now and this is going to have a huge impact on my two children. I've tried every oral remedy and nothing seems to work. Regards, Mandy x

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Hi. Sorry you are struggling. I had problems when I had chemo (not as bad as you though) but someone told me to gargle with pineapple juice. I don't know if it would help you but it might be worth a try? Take care.

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I've tried the pineapple juice, have to say it's more pleasant than most remedies but again doesn't work. Thanks though xx

Hi Mandy, The best cure for thrush is drink iced cold water / or as cold as you can take and as much as you can take. Thrush loves a warm environment so the cold iced water will within time eliminate the pesky infection. I researched this one night and it took me the whole night, and I discovered that it was a married couple who were both doctors, but I finally got the answer and it does work. I sincerely hope this works for you as it did me and all the best. Kasper 50

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I will definitely give it a go, I'll let you know how it works out. Many thanks x

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Thanks for getting back to me, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that things work out for you. All the best till then.xx

Hi Mandy,

I recently figured out that I had systemic candida. I now realize that I have had it for over 20 years, but only in the last 10 years did the worst of the things start occurring.

And yes, I had both tongue and esophageal candida over growth. What worked for me and gave me pretty fast results, was I would but 2 drops of GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) in my water and then drink that all day. Also I switched my toothpaste and mouth rinse to ones that contained no sugar and contained tea tree oil. Within a day my tongue was improving. Important to also let your toothbrush soak in hydrogen peroxide before or after you use. Also brush your teeth first thing in the morning before eating or drinking anything so your are not ingesting the heightened oral bacteria that occurs overnight.

But to be honest with you, if you have oral thrush you are most likely what is considered systemic, meaning it is invading parts of your body outside your intestine. As well, it will keep returning, possibly stronger as it acclimates to whatever you may have used before. To really heal yourself, you need to handle the root of the problem.

I am not a doctor, but I speak from experience (a very painful one at that), so what I would recommend is take a look at the lists of symptoms for candida. Some symptom lists are more complete than others, so look at a few. Like me, I think you will find other symptoms on there that you have but didn't consider symptoms. Also, you can have your doctor take a stool sample and test it, and there is also a home test you can do. There is the spit test which costs you no money, or I believe there is home blood tests you can buy online too.

For years I never associated all my health issues to candida and no one ever impressed upon me the seriousness of candida overgrowth. Eventually mine ended up affecting my brain, and it was very scary watching my memory and train of thought slowly dwindle away while many doctors kept telling me I was fine.

Good luck to you. Best regards, Seraphim

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I realize that this is late, but I hope I can say this before somebody else sees the post.

While I am so sorry to hear you had disseminated (spread to your blood/other organs) Candida, the same situation is not applicable to others. I would like to say that I am currently in pharmacy school and nearing the end of my career as a student, but back to the point. Saying that because somebody has oropharyngeal (mouth) candidiasis (Candida infection), does NOT mean that the infection has spread! In fact, usually the infection is noticed and treated before it has the opportunity to proliferate to the point where it begins to spread (barring any traumatic circumstances).

There are several strains of Candida, 7 of which are the main ones that cause Candida infections. The main Candida strain of concern (years ago), was one which is susceptible (but growing resistance) to most anti-fungal treatments. However, there have been a trend towards more resistant Candida strains over the last several years. Chances are, each of you were experiencing an infection caused by a more resistant strain, which is why conventional therapy wasn’t not working.

Again, I am so sorry to hear both of you were aflicted by this fungal infection, but I hope it all turned out alright and the infection is gone!

TL;DR: A Candida infection in the mouth does NOT mean that your Candida infection has spread throughout the rest of your body/other organs. If your Candida infection I has spread throughout your body/other organs, you may also present to the Dr. with a Candidate infection in the mouth.

I agree with Mandy as I am currently going through exact same experience. The solution Mandy suggests is appropriate & helps BUT it is sensible to rule out systemic candida when nothing works to rid one of this oral fungus.

It does not automatically mean the problem is systemic but suggesting checking that out is advice that must be taken, I'll go that far. When a pathogen keeps recurring or is not responding to treatments it's our duty to look deeper.

Mandy gave her experience & I found the same after recurrent oral thrush so please don't discourage people from following good advice. Your post is redundant as it offers no help I'm sorry to say.


I'm sad to say that after a really bad time and having tried all these varying treatment for thrush none of them made an impact on the thrush. The underlying problem was my immune system issues which were not improving. I am now receiving IVIG (immunoglobulins) on a 4 weekly basis allowing my immune system to fight back resulting in no oral thrush....woohoo. It's been a long hard road and everyone's journey is different. Unfortunately it's not always black and white what will work and that's why these forums help. Flossytreadwell, I hope you continue to improve and that others continue to get some support from all these helpful suggestions xxx

Thank you Mandy! I'm pleased you're getting help & congratulations on getting rid of the horrible oral thrush. I agree with you completely. I'm currently looking at this man's work & the videos he has on you tube.. all very

Mine seems to flare up every time I eat or drink any food that contains sugar. This includes beer and wine,milk,fruit and fruit juice,and bread among other things. I get sore bumps on my tongue and my throat gets sore. You might try avoiding those foods. From what I have read candida and mold love sugar. Get in the habit of reading food labels for sugar content. I hope this helps!

I also found this to be true

Same happened to me. I'm using Now anti candida & probiotics on my systemic candida & it's helping . I have candida in every follicle since having hypothyroidism. I am now suspecting candida caused the hypothyroidism as opposed to 'it just happened & caused candida. This moisturiser actually kills the candida in my follicles. The white circles around each follicle are shrinking & my body hair is sprouting again.

I automatically blamed my hypothyroidism for many things but so many symptoms are disappearing after treating the candida I now believe this has caused the thyroid problems.

Yesterday I found Doug Kaufmann on you tube & everything is falling into place for me.

I'm getting well for the first time in many years.

I believe people should get a doctors diagnosis before taking any supplements. My GP started treating mine with Itraconazole & Nystatin. Both helped but didn't cure it. I would have needed to take these meds for a prolonged period. I preferred to do it the natural way with caprylic acid & candida support supplements. My G.P agreed

I also advise taking Milk thistle to protect the liver before attacking a pathogen that releases toxins when attacked into the body.

Hi Mandy,

It sounds like a flare up of Candida. Have you got any other symptoms? Candida normally starts in the gut before it colonises anywhere else.

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You could try some plain natural yoghurt with a probiotic in it and rub it around your gums. There’s good bacteria in yoghurt but it’s not enough. You need at least 20 million microbes of food bacteria a day. You’ll get this in a good probiotic. Bio-care is a good one. It would be a good idea to take a probiotic daily too. Maybe you should address your diet too, it’s not what anyone wants to hear but Candida is an opportunist pathogen that lives on sugar and yeast as I’m sure you know already. If you’ve got a thyroid problem it wouldn’t be unusual to have Candida as your immune system will be low. Hope this helps.

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I’ve just realised it’s an old thread lol. Sorry for wittering on. X

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Mandy is still around plus others can benefit from your posts :-) xx

What ended up working for you Flossy? How long did it take?

I read that it was probably biofilms with a combination of pathogens. fungi as candida and bacteria. I scrubbed daily with chlorhexidine as they did on the NCBI website. I stopped taking topiramate & this has worked for me at last .

Good luck & check it isn't your meds or mixing meds causing your issues as it was with mine :-)

Jan x

Took about 3 weeks once I stopped the topiramate to be cleared tongue. If you google topiramate & thrush you can see there are issues... scroll down to the review comments.. I took them for migraine

Im 53 and currentely a newbie to Sandrina gel 0.5 hrt, ive developed oral thrush which went untreated for 3 months until a different GP put me on Fluconozole. Im 4 days in and feeling sick with tummy pains, I don't know whether this is due to the fluconazole or hrt. im desperate to get rid of this horrible candida which I feel has tracked into my tummy. The gps wont swab to find out and I don't know where else to turn. Its really making me feel quite ill . Any tips ladies please

These are possible reactions to that HRT.

Skin irritation at application site.

Gut disturbances, such as nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, bloating, flatulence, indigestion.

Menstrual bleeding or spotting. ...

Vaginal thrush.

No doubt you can include oral thrush in that list which is just one portion of it.

Personally I would never take it.

I had dreadful heavy painful periods all my life, especially if I had any extra lb's on board.

When I was slim I had no issues.

I always had awful PMS.

So menopause for me was smooth & wonderful.

Is it worth trying the natural route for you? ....

Hello again and thank you for replying. To be honest it was the low mood, lack of sleep and dry scaly skin that my GP put me on Sandrina Gel. 15 days in ive still got itchy dry scaly skin and my sleep is terrible. Would you stop it cold turkey and see what happens. Ive been through such a lot since January im in such a dilemma, I just want to rule out a thing at a time but have no clue what to do next.

Hi Angie sorry just saw this. You would need your GP advice on stopping any meds prescribed. However I would have thyroid check for the scaly skin & low mood & try armond & hammer charcoal toothpaste for oral thrush & brush tongue with it using soft brush in circular movements & let the paste sit. Fungus does not like charcoal.

There are reasons for low mood & dry skin, mine was low thyroid & thyroxine helped me because that is what was depleted.

It's natural for hormonal changes & for these natural changes the effects should be manageable with over the counter preparations. if you're getting changes like low mood then a blood test for thyroid & diabetes in fact everything is needed. Then you can see what you need.

The B12 spray with Q10 & green apple is excellent for a fast boost meanwhile

I wish you better x

I am a healthy (as far as I know) 37 year old woman that has been battling severe oral thrush that was also down my throat for 4 months. I was started on oral rinse nystatin, then diflucan, and now a combination of 200mg diflucan and 250mg terbinafine. I am rinsing 2x daily with salt water. I quit smoking. I almost eliminated all sugars from my diet. I dont know what else to do. Any ideas? I am totally scared I have cancer or something!

Do you still have it

What worked for you?

Yes did you get rid of it, if so how x

Diflucan?? Have u tried this

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