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Newbie to site with ABPA and Asthma

Hi I have allergic Brittle Asthma and was diagnosed with ABPA a couple of years aga.

I have just had an Asthma attack and spent three days in a hospital. A week later still struggling with Shortness of breath and slight wheeze. GP says it's the ABPA. Feeling really tired. I can be fine sitting but get breathless when doing anything. Off work at the moment. Feeling frustrated. Is there anything I can do to help get over this or is it just rest and time. This is my first attack of symptoms to do with the ABPA and not sure what to do/expect. Will be going to see my Chest Consultant on Thursday?

Thanks for any replies.


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I'd say take all meds. Drink plenty water and rest

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Thank you for your reply. I am taking all meds and resting.


You will find a lot of informed support on our Facebook group at facebook.com/groups/aspergi...

Our regional groups are described here nacpatients.org.uk/facebook...

Are you taking antifungal meds? They can take some time to get attuned to and need careful attention to get right.


I have recently moved to Chester and I have been to the respiratory Clinic to see my new consultant this morning. He has said that I do have severe Allergic Asthma and ABPA. He is referring me to Wythenshawe Hospital for the ABPA. I will be seeing my Consultant again in a couple of weeks. Does anyone know what I can expect when I go to Wythenshawe. I am still experiencing a Shortness of breath and occasional wheeze and still of work. I am a member of the Aspergellosis face book page and am looking for info on this condition.

Look forward to your replies.

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Once we get your referral we will usually get you an appointment for around 12 weeks time. On that day you will likely get a full set of blood tests, x-ray and possibly lung function analysis - it can take several hours to do it all.

I think I am right in saying that when you receive your appointment you will also receive a pack of information on our service including several information leaflets on aspergillosis. You can download & read many of those leaflets on our website at nacpatients.org.uk/leaflets

If your appointment is on the first friday of the month we hold a meeting for patients in the afternoon in a room close by the clinic (light lunch is provided) - whereupon you will meet me as I present the meeting and one or tow other member of NAC staff.

I look forward to meeting you.


Thank you for replying with the info about your appointment system. Look forward to meeting you too.

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I can tell you that you will be well looked after at Wythenshawe. I have been going there for nearly a year now and the difference in my breathing once on medication is amazing. I am better than I have been for maybe 10 years, although only diagnosed last year. Good Luck.


I've only attended the clinic at Wythenshawe once, due to go back in three weeks, but I was really impressed with their care and professionalism. I am really hopeful that they can put me back on track with the the long term management of ABPA so I can lead a normal life.


Hello Cocoa12

Thank you for replying to my post. I hear that Wythenshawe is a good hospital and am looking forward to my appointment. Hope they can help me too. Hope your treatment is going well and that you are feeling better.


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