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My mother is patient of pertonium carcinoma but now there is no visible traces of the disease , she is being on ventilation since 15 days due to infection and various up and down. Chynically she is ok. But her liver is temporally down due to high power anti bacterial and anti fungus medicine for treating life the eating infection. Bilirubin counts 13. That infection is in control now. again she has pseudomona infection in blood but any high power drug will damage liver more. She already have hospital stay of 1n half months. Please suggest what can do under this condition

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Treatment for some cancers can leave the patient more vulnerable to all types of infection and that could well be what has happened here. It sounds like your medical team is doing a great job but if they need any input for the use of antifungal drugs that might be less toxic to the liver they could try the National Aspergillosis Centre nationalaspergillosiscentre... as they have a lot of expertise in the use of those drugs


Thank you mr GAtherton 


Hi Bhavik, besides this Community I strongly recommend that you join 'My Ovacome' also so that you can get a better picture on chemo and other  related issues pertaining to Primary Peritoneal Carcinoma. Wishing your Mother all the best for a speedy recovery from related infections. 



Naimish Sir Thanks for suggestion 




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