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For the past 12 months I have had respitory issues that started with a nasal drip - things got so bad that I struggled to exercise - I used to do lots of running 5 and 10k ( my best 10k was 49 min flat).

I was wheezing and coughing up clear sputum - prednisilone made things better for a while - then it wears off. I am currently taking symbicort.

I have suffered with my sinuses for some time - around the time this started I cleaned a considerable amount of black mould off my ceiling - I began to wonder if this was the cause of my issues? Doctors think it's asthma - I am not convinced.

I went to see an ENT specialist who commented on how inflammed my sinuses were - he took blood because he said I must have an allergy. It showed I did have an allergy, but not to pollen, dust, or pets - it was all they could test for.

I have since had more blood taken and I am waiting for a result - I have mentioned mould to doctors, they said it is possible, but that's all.

When I exert myself it feels as if my lungs are tiny and cannot take in much air - my worry is that by the time I have a diagnosis my lungs may be damaged.

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You may have developed sensitivity to an allergen or you may have a sinus infection. If the infection continues to be unresponsive to antibiotics & steroids there is a chance you could have a fungal allergy.

This is simple to test for using an IgE blood test and/or a skin prick test using fungal allergens. Ask your doctor for such a test & they can refer to the Regional Mycology Centre Manchester for advice on how to do this mycologymanchester.org/inde...

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