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Over the past 6 months I have had lumps and bumps and loss of hair and what I believe is a kerion felt like barbed wire my hair has fallen out. I've had ulcers loss of voice a constant cough.numbness at tips of fingers nail loss on left hand. A feeling as if my toes were being strangled nose infection abcess.and my little toes felt like there were dropping off.itchy burning skin eye infections. Constant tiredness.headaches ulcers dizziness. I've been diagnosed 3 years with ulcerative colitis. I've had shampoos blood tests.antibiotic creams anti histamine and red round sores on my legs. My Dr reported me for my mental state I know I need swabs and samples to diagnose. I have young children in the last 6 months I've never or my children been to Dr's so much. I feel so let down my daughter has just got the same red inflamed skin followed by an eye irrational. In the last 6 months I've been in temporary accommodation that was disgusting. And the previous tenant used the house as an animal toilet were I live now. My kids also have had headaches everyday and chest infections. No one has taken any swabs or listened to my concerns. My daughter who is two is perstinatley I'll who has a chest infection every other week with suspect able asthma . I trained as a beauty therapist I've seen and studied the abnormalities known as contraindications. Can anyone advise me what to do or how I can get help pls

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