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Aspergillosis Nodule has shrunk

Hello all,

Made the long (6hr+) trek up th University Hospitalof South Manchester on Thursday. Had an X - Ray before my consultation with the Prof. Good News is that from the X-Ray it can be seen that my nodule has shrunk after taking Itraconazole for 4 months. As you can imagine a I am over the moon. Also, after thinking that the best I could hope for was for the tablets to keep the nodule at the same size the Prof. seems to think that the nodule may well, with further treatment go completely. So it is a case of "keep taking the tablets for the next 6 months when I have my next appointment and also have an X-Ray to see how things are going.

Feel so much better that I am sure this has been causing most of my problems for the last ew years. Have had no chest infections this winter - hope I haven't spoken too soon. Also had the HIB injection as that is still hanging around so hope it works though I know you can need more than one injection to knock that on the head.

Hope you are all coping OK with the weather.



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Congratulations . That is great news! I am going to rub your shoulder for luck. I had a scan on Thursday to see if the nodules they spotted before Christmas have changed. I am hoping that they have not changed (nothing showed on the x ray though , only the scan). Anyway, I am really pleased about your news. All the best.


I'm so happy for you!


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