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Watch this movie - it could save your life

Only a few more days to watch this movie for free. I urge any of you with unresolved fungal and other health issues to watch it. Mould biotoxin illness is a real and common illness that affects every system in the body, and it is unrecognised and undiagnosed in the UK. My daughter is slowly but surely improving, but only because we went to the USA where this documentary was made. The word that stayed with me after I watched the movie was "fight". We've had to fight for help (it's taken 23 years). We've had to fight for belief (few people, and no doctors in the UK believe us) but most importantly the fight from within my daughter has been constant, and now our belief has been vindicated by her amazing doctor in the USA who is healing her. So do watch this movie and it may shed a whole new light on your illness. I hope it helps. Jane x

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Despite what is written here I don't think that there is much doubt that living in a damp home can have serious consequences for the health of some people - and that is generally accepted throughout the UK and US. The question remains what to do about it, and in particular what to tell insurers or other authorities in order to get their participation in your health issues.

This movie is being used as a marketing tool and as such has a tendency to exaggerate, to present conclusions made from the the available information in a way to convince people that they have this problem, and that it is worth paying (probably considerable amounts) to resolve using the medical techniques they recommend. For that reason, plus the fact that this user has ONLY made comments in these communities advertising this movie, I have deleted the link.

If you live in a damp home then there is no current validated treatment that will work any better than moving away from the damp home. If the home is cleaned up, the source of the damp isolated and removed (which can involve everything from fixing a burst pipe to adjusting ventilation and improving your understanding of what creates damp homes and lots more), and materials that became saturated with water replaced then it may be possible to return to the home. Wipe clean possessions can be cleaned up, clothes can be washed, carpeting and plaster-boarding cannot!.

The movie advocates various kinds of treatment for various types of symptom. Firstly taking treatment while remaining in the damp home is not a long term solution! Secondly our bodies have been in contact with moulds for as long as we have been on earth and are well able to remove the chemical toxins that are repeatedly mentioned. In movies like this the phrase 'mold toxicity' seems to blur the distinction between symptoms that they claim are caused by mycotoxins (and there is no evidence as yet that airborne moulds can deliver this in enough quantity to do harm) but also symptoms that can be caused by allergens and infection.

There is evidence that infection with the sort of fungi you find in a damp home plays an important role in illnesses like asthma & COPD, CF and more. Once infection is proven (which can be difficult to achieve) some doctors will consider treating with an antifungal drug. UK has a centre that specialises in some of the commonest of this kind of infection at nationalaspergillosiscentre... most big specialist centres also treat this well.

Doctors seem to tend to try to help people with allergic disease with medication that suppresses the allergic symptoms. This is great if the source of the allergen is seasonal (e.g. hay fever), but if exposure is constant - as it would be in a damp home - then it is important to move away from the damp home. Perhaps this is one 'piece of the jigsaw' that has been missing in the past. Some allergies become extreme, hospitalising their sufferers - doctors are more familiar with occupational exposure causing this type of allergy/hypersensitivity but we are also seeing those acquired in the home.

There is a fairly solid block of evidence that respiratory & sinus illness is made worse and possible even caused by living in a damp home. These can be severe and are increasingly well characterised. Standards of diagnosis & treatment are improving - just as important awareness is improving in the medical community. If you have respiratory symptoms then your doctor can treat it and of course with help you can remove the source of the damp in your homes & clean it up.

Are people suffering 'brain fog', muscle stiffness and other symptoms mentioned in the movie suffering from exposure to a damp home? There is little systematic evidence to say so and it would be extremely difficult to provide it. It is much safer to be able to recognize when you are being exposed to a damp home and remove yourself and your family from it with little delay. If an authority denies that a damp home is bad for your health then direct them to :

Once in a 'dry' home, ensure you keep it that way and that the cause of the damp in the previous home was not lack of warmth, ventilation (see link) - make sure you are aware when moisture gets into your home, it must be given a way out too!


Jane - I would like to talk with you. I am Mikela Godwin on FB. I don't know how to navigate around this site. Plse cld u contact me? Thnx !


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