The day before I left hospital my 15 year old cat died. Rick went to humane society and bog me a kitten.ok had a picture of her and Rick asked where she was the woman over in corner taking a dump. Rick said oh no he brought hard home thank god she used the box. They had 61 cats in one room:-). We named herjojo she is very ornery but I like cats who are that way...she's a sweet heart, I call her sweetie pie. She helped me get well guicker... She,s on my wall with my two daughters.j I went to see skin Dr and I went off of my soriatane to give my body a break. I so enjoy being back thanks again. susiejo1948


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4 Replies

  • So sorry for your loss - and happy that you now have jojo to keep you company. Pets can be such a wonderful part of our recovery!

  • How very bittersweet. I love all animals. Right now we have a dog and a cat. Cats are my favorite. Sorry for the loss of your long time love but so very glad Jojo was there to steal your heart. Rick sounds like a thoughtful caregiver. Animals are better than medicine.

  • Hello Susie, Somglad Rick got you another cat. My KitKat calms me down a lot. So sweet and affectionate. Hope your feeling better that the last few weeks. So glad your back! ❤️

  • Donna stay calm if you can,I know your afraid everythingwwill turn out ok,I have faith in you and remember that. Angel beside you is there for you she will stay beside you and help you through the scan .I,'ll be thinking of you praying you come,'ll make it love susiejo1948

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