Daughter to Dad with Adenocarcinoma

Hello, so glad I found this site! I've been walking around in a fog for 2 weeks, ever since my 87 year old father was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma. He's been a smoker for 70 of those years. But up until a few months ago, was very healthy. I think this came in fast but at least in the last year. He has a PET scan this week followed by the first appointment with 2 Oncologists next week. He's lost a lot of weight and not eating good but he's trying. He knows he must eat but he tires so easily and hard to breathe. This tumor is in the lower left lobe and has also caused A-Fib which he never had. It's also in the lymph nodes on the right side of chest. I pray all the time! Any advice is greatly appreciated!! ❤️


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9 Replies

  • Have they declared a stage yet? Has he had an MRI to rule out brain mets yet?

    Some of the information you need to know to help him make treatment choices are the type (adeno, squamous, small cell etc), stage (is it just on the right side still). They sent a piece of his tumor for mutation testing, they are looking to find out where in the DNA the cell broke down that caused it to proliferate uncontrolled. They are looking for EGFR, ALK, ROS1 and others. They are also testing it for a protein called PDL-1. Because of your dad's smoking history that is the most likely. If the PDL-1 level is high they likely will recommend Keytruda or Opdivo and he can take a pill instead of chemo and radiation.

    Please keep us informed.

  • Thank you! Just from the biopsy, the pulmonary Dr said stage 3b, as there signs in the chest lymph nodes. Results showed Adenocarcinoma. No MRI for the head yet. Has only had a CT and biopsy. I've been reading a lot about the testing for mutations as that seems common but the pulmonary did not mention that. I'm sure the oncologist will if not I will ask. Pet scan is this Thursday.

    I am curious with the DNA testing, does that also mean this can be hereditary?

  • Just read your PM. Stage 3 adenocarcinoma. Have they discussed a treatment plan yet?

  • Not yet. He hasn't seen the oncologist yet. That is in the 26th.

  • Welcome, Pam. I sent you an email this morning, I hope you will find the additional information helpful. You father is so lucky to have you by his side.

  • Thank you FtB_Peggy!!!

  • I pray you will find the strength to face whatever is ahead for you and your Dad. At this point it's in the doctor's hands and when he gives you the diagnosis you'll know what direction to take. God bless you and your Dad.

  • Thank you Ruthie!

  • There is also a site called Patients Like Me with a Lung Cancer section as well as other sections such as Ask the Oncologist, etc. I had stage 3a and after chemo and radiation it shrunk enough for surgery. Good luck to dad and thankful for our children that care and help us through.

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