Update on mums surgery

So my mum underwent a lobectomy and wedge resection 2 weeks ago. She has since suffered a pneumothorax on the right side due to a chest drain not functioning properly and also has an infection but is recovering. She spoke to her surgeon today and was told that the lymph nodes on her right side were showing some activity and so she will need chemo after all. I feel so stressed and upset tonight. She has been through so much.


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5 Replies

  • Having had a left upper lobectoctomy in 2015, I can confirm that this is a painful and debilitating surgery, but if it removes the cancer and gives your mother a better quality of life it is well worth it. I do believe that cancer is often harder on the family. My daughters could speak to that issue better than I can.

    Based on information from friends who have had this surgery, the complications your mom had are not uncommon. This is a very difficult and invasive surgery. Take things one step at a time. Be supportive and try to accompany your mom to her doctor appointments. A second set of ears are very important. I found my daughters being there invaluable as well as their support. Be sure to take care of yourself. This is a long, difficult journey.

    Prayers for you and your mom.


  • Thank you jean. It's always good to hear from someone with a similar story. I hope you are doing well now. Best wishes to you xx

  • I had surgery and then chemo. It will be a long run but your mom should get through it. Hang in there

  • Thank you clofto. Best wishes to you too x

  • MissyD1,

    There is no way any of this is remotely easy. I am so very sorry for how difficult each day is for your mother and for you. As you can see from the other members of this wonderful community, this difficult road is not unusual (sigh) but worth it in the long wrong. Please know we are thinking of you and do not, under any circumstances, minimize how difficult all of this is for you and your mother. Caring thoughts coming to both of you. Please keep talking!

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