Dramatic effects of Opdivo treatment

Dramatic effects of Opdivo treatment

Hi, I hope this photo doesn't upset anyone but I thought I'd post some pictures of my mums progress so far with the Opdivo treatment she has been getting. This is a picture of one of the fungating lesions she has on her chest wall, the effects so far have been nothing short of miraculous, one can only hope it's working wonders on the mets she has internally, fingers crossed.

The first photo was taken 04/02/2017 1 day after her first treatment and the second photo taken 23/02/2017 5 days after her second treatment.

Mum has only had 2 treatments so far is due to have her 3rd treatment on the 3rd of March.

Mum and I are over the moon seeing this, it brings us some hope again.

Love and best wishes to all


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  • The pictures are certainly encouraging, keep us posted on her progress. Good luck

  • Annette!

    This is wonderful and I'm glad you had the presence of mind to start taking pictures for comparison. There's a bit of a science nerd inside of me and she loves seeing this type of evidence.

    I'm so very excited for your mom. Not many of us are given a visual to track our recovery by. It's just way cool. Please share again in March.

    Prayers for continued improvement.

  • Annette -

    This is fantastic! When Opdivo works, it is a miracle. Best hopes for continued response.


  • hi Annette , you just started my day right !! I was told allot about Opdivo by the Dr but I didn't know what to expect . I had my first treatment with Opdivo 2-20-17 , second one is 3-6-17 . You are the first I have seen with experience with it . Your mom made me smile !! God bless her and I wish her the best...love , Spiro

    PS...please keep us informed

  • How wonderful. May this wonderful result continue. Keep us posted.

  • Aussie gal this is so awesome i'm so happy for your mom and you. Il be waiting to hear from you. Jo

  • Aussiegal 1967 WOW what a Blessing to see. God Bless your Mum. God is healing your Mum. Amen !! Thank you for showing your pictures. I can't wait to see it all healed up in Jesus name. Have a Bless Sunday to you and Mum..

  • It certainly looks encouraging. I pray God continues to heal your mum and that He strengthens her each day.

    God bless you both.

  • Aussiegal1967 Auggie881my Prayers are with u and your mum😇

  • Fabulous news! Your mom and Opdivo seem to like each other! Let's keep this going....

  • God luck and may God watch over you and continue to heal. God bless

  • Hi can you tell me which hospital or oncologist you are seeing

  • Hi Hezhands, my mum is being treated at Nepean Cancer Care Centre Penrith NSW

  • Thanks

  • Hi Hezhands, I forgot to add her oncologist is Dr Deme Karikios

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